The 2023 Youth Yanggu Middle School First Grade Soccer Festival has come to a successful conclusion. Thirteen 9-man teams and 16 11-man teams participated in the four-day event from the 3rd to the 6th.

On the fourth day, Chungcheon Cheonan Football Center U-15 won the 11-man match, and Gyeonggi Dongtan United U-15 won the 9-man match, finishing the tournament with four wins each. In particular, since the festival prioritizes providing opportunities for first-year middle school soccer players to play, there were no separate grades or awards, but the MVP of each match provided motivation for many players.

In addition to the game, the festival held a scholarship handover ceremony for the underprivileged in Yanggu County with the proceeds from raffle tickets collected during the festival through various events such as the Barona Lifting Showdown event and the McCall Header Challenge. Seo Heung-won, mayor of Yanggu-gun, Lee Ju-hyung, president of Yanggu-gun Football Association, Yoon Jong-ho, president of Yanggu-gun Sports Association, and Kim Hak-in, CEO of Ribbon Corporation Lab, attended the ceremony.

As an elite tournament approved by the Korea Football Association, it was jointly organized and hosted by the Yanggu County Football Association and Ribbon Corporation Lab, and sponsored by Yanggu County, Yanggu County Sports Foundation, Yanggu County Sports Association, Gangwon Province Football Association, HD Hyundai Oil Bank, Ilhwa, Varona, Shinsung Delta Tech, SportsTribe, and Pocheon Injin Samyoung Farmers’ Union.

Yanggu County Football Association President Lee Ju-hyung said, “I am very happy that the 2023 Youth Yanggu Middle School First Grade Football Festival, which can lay the foundation for the development of youth football in Korea, was successfully concluded without any safety incidents in Yanggu County. The festival has helped to revitalize sports culture tourism and the local economy beyond football. We would like to make it a festival that will be held every year in Yanggu from now on.”먹튀검증

(Mr. Hak-In Kim, CEO of Ribbon Corporation Labs, said, “We are grateful to the participating team coaches and faculty members who helped make the 2023 Youth Yanggu Middle School First Grade Soccer Festival a success over the four days. We have prepared our best to revitalize the local economy for mutual benefit beyond sports. We are very grateful to Yanggu County and the Yanggu County Football Association for their support. We hope that the festival, which became a place for everyone to enjoy, will be a good memory for everyone who participated.”

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