Lee Kang-in’s move to Aston Villa seems likely. It is news that he will part ways with Real Mallorca this summer and go to Villa.

On the 20th (Korean time), Spain’s ‘Todo Pichajes’ said, “Lee Kang-in’s next destination is Villa. Lee Kang-in will leave Mallorca for 18 million euros (about 26.2 billion won) at the end of this season. 18 million euros is Lee Kang-in’s buy-in. The amount is out. Atletico Madrid are looking to sign Lee Kang-in. The same is true for West Ham United. However, they will go with coach Unai Emery.”

“Lee Kang-in would have decided that it would be better to go to Emery’s side. It is known that he has already made a phone call. Mallorca does not allow sales below the buyout amount. Villa thinks 18 million euros is appropriate and is worth more than that. We plan to invest in it after judging that it is there. Lee Kang-in is the player with the best prospects in the football world.”먹튀검증

Lee Kang-in, who grew up in Valencia youth, successfully debuted in the first team, but did not receive the opportunity as expected. This is the reason he transferred to Mallorca ahead of last season. Mallorca His first season was a bit disappointing, but this season is different. Lee Kang-in has become an indispensable player in Mallorca. His performance is so good that he ranks in the top 10 in the number of key passes in Spanish La Liga.

The Celta Vigo match was a game where Lee Kang-in’s strengths could be seen properly. Lee Kang-in was truly a soccer guru. He made 9 of 12 dribble attempts while ranking first in most touches (64). His best practice was dribbling forward after hitting the ball and tricking the opponent. 9 successful dribbles in 1 game is a historic record for Mallorca. In addition, he was also excellent in terms of passing, including 4 key passes, 3 successful crosses, and 1 successful long pass.

He swept all kinds of Best Eleven. Beyond La Liga, he rose to the team of the week in Europe’s top 5 leagues. He showed why he is central to Mallorca. Lee Kang-in, who shows crazy performance, is attracting attention from various teams. In particular, he was frequently linked with English Premier League (EPL) teams. Starting with Wolverhampton, there were transfer rumors with West Ham and Manchester City, and they are currently close to Villa.

Lee Kang-in will grow further if he receives guidance from coach Unai Emiri. Villa has definitely developed since Emiri took over as coach, and is in a state of visibility in competitions organized by the European Football Federation (UEFA). It is necessary to pay attention to Lee Kang-in, who is likely to go to a villa where he can develop further.

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