Recently, in professional volleyball, 45-year-old Yeo Oh-hyun set a record of 600 appearances for the first time ever.
Yeo Oh-hyeon said that he was always young on his court and pledged to continue running while shouting “fighting”.
Reporter Kook Young-ho met.

When the ball, which he had struggled to save while falling, flies in again, he successfully catches it by throwing his body again.

This is why Yeo Oh-hyun, the first-year member of professional volleyball, which was launched in 2005, was able to hit the court at the age of 45 and set a milestone for the first time in history by participating in 600 games.

Yeo Oh-hyun is faithful to the basics and is thorough in self-management such as diet, so she always says that she is young on the court. 메이저사이트

▶ Interview: Yeo Oh-hyun / Hyundai Capital Libero
– “I’m playing as a player, but I live without knowing that I’m 45. Because I work out with young players.”

The enlightenment gained while overcoming the bullying became the driving force to continue as a player.

▶ Interview: Yeo Oh-hyun / Hyundai Capital Libero
– “I can’t do it with only my greed, and I let go of my heart at that point. I’m learning while doing this.”

As a player and coach, he is also active in communicating with and unlocking the potential of MZ generation players.

▶ Interview: Park Kyung-min / 21 years old with Libero and Yeo Oh-hyun
– “Call me separately during the game and tell me technically, and meticulously tell me what to do, such as form.”

With a junior from another team coaching her, she may be greedy, and it would be difficult to extend her current career, but Yeo Oh-hyun has only one goal: to set her body on fire on the court.

▶ Interview: Yeo Oh-hyun / Hyundai Capital Libero
– “I will sweat and run hard and scream until I can run around on the court.”

Yeo Oh-hyun is also looking forward to his 10th personal victory as his team, Hyundai Capital, which has completed the rebuilding, competes with Korean Air for the lead in the regular league.

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