“My heart is heavy.”

KT Wiz Pil Seung-jo Kim Min-soo (31) is currently on the Futures team due to an injury. He injured his right shoulder supraspinatus muscle and missed the opening entry.

Kim Min-soo is kt’s Pilseung bullpen. In particular, he played 76 games last season and recorded a career-high ERA of 1.90 with 5 wins, 4 losses, 3 saves and 30 holds.

The bullpen of kt, which has lost Kim Min-soo and its sovereignty, is not gaining strength. Salvation ERA is 5.30. It’s the lowest in the league. The team performance here is not good either. KT is 9th in the league with 8 wins, 16 losses and 2 draws, and is already being chased by the lowest-ranked Hanwha Eagles (8 wins, 18 losses, 1 draw) by one game. On the last 2 days, it was difficult to break a 9-game losing streak, but it is entering the path of losing again.

Kim Min-soo said that he was sorry for not being able to support him by his side. Kim Min-soo, who recently met with MK Sports, said, “I was very annoyed with myself when I didn’t make it to the opening entry for the first time. He said he was taking care of his body, but I was annoyed that I couldn’t. The team is having a hard time, so it doesn’t seem like they’re comfortable even when they’re smiling.”

Kim Min-su played 76 games last season. Hanwha Eagles Kim Beom-soo’s 77 appearances, followed by the most appearances in the league, 2nd. A lot came out. Excluding this season, Kim Min-soo threw the ball at any time, to the extent that he was tied for third place in the most appearances in a single season over the past five years (joint 1st, 2020 season sovereignty-2022 season Kim Bum-soo, 77 games, tied 3rd place, 2022 season Kim Min-soo-2020 season, Jinhae Wed 76 games, tied for 5th place Hyojun Ko in the 2019 season-Junyoung Lee in the 2022 season 75 games).

Kim Min-soo said, “Because I played more than half of the 144 games, some people said, ‘Isn’t it sick because I played too much last year?’, but it is happiness and luck for a player to play. When he goes to the game, he just feels good. Doesn’t he always need me on the team? All players will think so.”

“If you ask me, ‘If I could go out like that again,’ I would. However, in order to compete in many games, I have to build a good body. It depends on my efforts and my will. The pain now seems to have come out as pain due to the accumulation of fatigue from the past. Being an athlete is a job where you use your body, but it hurts because I neglected my management. I need to take better care of it,” he added.

Currently, Kim Min-soo digests the Futures League schedule 먹튀검증 and is imminent to return to the first team. He appeared in 2 Futures League games and has an average ERA of 3.86 with 2.1 innings and 1 hold in 2 games. He allowed 1 run in 1 inning against Lotte on April 26 and 1.1 scoreless innings against Samsung on April 30.

Kim Min-soo said, “The rehabilitation phase is over. He doesn’t play a lot of games, so I think he needs to develop his sense of actual fighting. He must also come up in terms of rank.”

When he goes back to the first team, his role is to relieve the pressure of the bullpen pitchers who are having a hard time. It is a determination to share difficulties together and overcome difficulties.

He said, “I keep thinking that I have to go through hard times together. I can see that the pitchers are struggling too much, and the situation of the fielders who support them is not good either. It’s more difficult not being able to be together than it is difficult for me, and I’m sorry.”

Finally, Kim Min-soo said, “I went to the bottom last season, but I went to fall baseball anyway. He doesn’t think it’s something to be taken seriously yet. Even if my performance is not good, my goal is to contribute when the team wins.”

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