Barcelona’s wind is not over yet. 

More pay cuts are on the horizon.

Spanish media Mundo Deportivo reported on the 9th (Korean time) that Barcelona faced a crisis of having to cut their weekly wages again this summer. 

“One of Barcelona’s obligations is to cut wages this summer and if they want to sign more players, they have to cut even more,” the media said. . 

La Liga is trying to respond judicially as a precaution, and this is being done through the Barcelona Commercial Court. This is forcing Barcelona to re-sign contracts at half the terms to sign up their current players. 

In particular, the media said, “La Liga is constantly sending messages and putting pressure on Barcelona that it must reduce the total annual salary of its players by more than 200 million euros (about 271.1 billion won) this summer.” 

Due to the nature of La Liga, which introduced a percentage-type salary cap system that allows you to spend as much annual salary as you earn during the year, Barcelona needs to increase income and reduce expenses. 

One of the ways to increase revenue is to sell players, which can also reduce salaries and thus reduce expenses.  바카라

Barcelona are looking to sell players this summer. Sergio Roberto and Sergio Busquets are being discussed, and Jordi Alba’s situation is also being noted. Frank Kessie is also in the same situation and will decide based on his performance this season. 

In the coming summer, players with one year left on their contracts should pay attention. Ferran Torres, Ansu Fati, and Usmang Dembele have one year left in their contracts, so they have to reap the benefits of transfer fees by renewing contracts or selling them. 

In 2021, Barcelona, ​​which had problems with careless management during the Corona 19 pandemic, officially announced that it had a debt of 1.35 billion euros (approximately 1.83 trillion won). 

When the salary cap exceeded the salary cap as revenue decreased during the Corona 19 pandemic, Barcelona cut the salary of the players several times and even released Lionel Messi as a free agent in the process. 

Barcelona secured short-term cash by obtaining loans using various intangible assets, such as club studios and sales of stadium naming rights, and is currently ranked first in La Liga while recruiting players en masse. 

However, he missed the opportunity to make more money by failing to advance to the UEFA Champions League tournament stage, which can expect a lot of revenue.

Once in the Europa League play-off stage, Barcelona aim to advance to the round of 16 through a play-off with Manchester United.

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