“Monster” Kim Kyung-tae returns to the stage of the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour.

On the 6th, Kim Kyung-tae announced through KPGA that he would focus on the KPGA Korean Tour starting this year.

Kim Kyung-tae dominated Korean men’s golf during his amateur days. He won the Korean and Japanese amateur championships, and won two gold medals at the 2006 Doha Asian Games.

Kim Gyeong-tae, who jumped into the professional stage in 2007, won three victories and won the grand prize, prize money king, and rookie king. It was a ‘monster’ itself. 바카라

Kim Gyeong-tae, who went to the Japan Professional Golf Tour in 2008, mainly played in Japan, and occasionally participated in domestic competitions. Kim Kyung-tae won a total of 14 wins in Japan and won 6 championships on the KPGA Korean Tour. No Korean player in Japan has lifted more championship trophies than Kim Kyung-tae.

The KPGA grants permanent seed rights to winners of 20 or more wins on domestic and international tours or to winners of the four major tournaments of the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour. Kim Gyeong-tae, who obtained the KPGA Korean Tour permanent seed right, has no obstacles to his return to Korea.

Kim Kyung-tae became the 6th permanent seed in history, following Han Jang-sang, Choi Sang-ho, Park Nam-shin, Choi Kyung-joo, and Yang Yong-eun.

After winning the Casio World Open in 2019, Kim Kyung-tae has been sluggish for the past two years. He expressed his determination, saying, “My goal is to win the KPGA Korean Tour by all means before I retire.”

Kim Gyeong-tae, who left for field training in Thailand on the 25th of last month, plans to return to Korea at the end of this month or early next month.

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