National team super rookies Minbyeol Kim (19), Jihyeon Lee (21), and Yoomin Hwang (20) are already in the midst of preparing for the new season.

Kim Min-byeol, who was selected as a junior national team member from the 6th grade of elementary school and recognized for her skills, succeeded in entering the regular tour by taking the top spot in the 2023 regular tour seeding match.

A former member of the national team, he is currently training in Thailand to adapt to the regular tour stage. Kim Min-byeol said, “I am practicing technical skills such as the distance of my iron shot and the low trajectory required when the wind blows.” did.

Lee Ji-hyun, who ranked 5th in the seeding match, is building her body in the United States. He said, “I think my strength is the long game. However, I realized that the short game must be supported in order to get good results on the regular tour.” said hello

Hwang Yu-min, who competed fiercely with Park Min-ji (25) for the championship at the NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship last May, entered the regular tour seeding match in 6th place. While training in Thailand, he said, “I’m satisfied with the overall last season, but I want to give myself 90 points for the ups and downs.” I will try to improve and try to win this year.” 메이저사이트

In addition to rookies from the national team, Kim Seo-yoon (21), Kim Ha-ni (23), and Hwang Yeon-seo (20), who swept the Dream Tour, are also noteworthy. Kim Seo-yoon won 3 wins on the Dream Tour last year and won the prize money title.

He said, “I decided on a training ground with a difficult course to adapt to the regular tour,” and “I’m trying to improve driver accuracy, and I’m focusing on short games and wedge shots within 100 meters. I will do my best in training to achieve my goal.”

Hwang Yeon-seo, who is training in Vietnam, said, “I’m putting my heart and soul into increasing the driving distance through weight training. I want to finish the season within the top 30 on the prize money list.”

Next, Kim Ga-yeong (21), who ranked 8th in the Dream Tour prize money ranking, Kim Yeon-hee (12th)21), Kim Min-seon (20), Eom Gyu-won (23), and Ko Ji-woo’s younger brother Ko Ji-won (19) are about to appear.

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