He was once regarded as a player with more talent than anyone else, but he is being erased from the KBO league at a tremendous speed. The legal verdict must be over, but returning is virtually impossible. He doesn’t even seem very likely to be acquitted.

On the 23rd, Seo Jun-Won-Jeon was arrested without detention by the Busan District Prosecutor’s Office for violating the Sexual Protection Act for Children and Adolescents (producing and distributing sexual exploitation materials, etc.). Seo Jun-won is accused of producing sexual exploitation of children and adolescents by having him take a body picture of a woman he met through social media last year and send it to him. It was a real shock to her that the woman in question was a minor. 먹튀검증

Seo Jun-won has been investigated by the police since December of last year, but he did not inform the fact until right before he was released from the Lotte Giants on the 23rd. He vehemently denied the allegations even when articles related to his crimes were posted on online community sites. He has been claiming that his trips to and from the courtroom were “because he was swindled.” But he couldn’t cover the sky with his palms.

Seo Jun-won admitted his crime only on the morning of the 23rd when he was indicted without detention. In response, Lotte immediately released Seo Jun-won. Lotte said, “I was investigated by the police for a crime against minors, and as soon as it was confirmed that it was transferred to the prosecution, I held a disciplinary committee.” . And Lotte Giants CEO Lee Kang-hoon also lowered his head one after another.

Let’s cut off the ‘Kite’ with Seo Joon-won first, and all the groups are taking their moves one after another. On the 28th, the Choi Dong-Won Commemorative Association, which awards the ‘Choi Dong-Won Award’ to the player who performed the most outstandingly among amateur and professional pitchers, announced on the 28th, “We have decided to revoke the 1st High School Choi Dong-Won Award from Seo Jun-Won.”

Kang Jin-soo, secretary-general of the Choi Dong-won Commemorative Business Association, said, “The board of directors and all members of the association were greatly shocked by the judgment that Seo Jun-won’s actions were serious and anti-humanitarian. In the future, when the directors make a unanimous decision regarding the awardee who committed social immorality and serious crimes, we will announce the withdrawal of the award without hesitation like in the case of Seo Jun-won.”

The KBO also drew its sword. On the 28th, the KBO announced, “Lotte Seo Jun-won, who was accused of violating the Act on the Protection of Children and Youth, was suspended from participating in accordance with Article 152, Paragraph 5 of the KBO Rules.” Players who have been suspended from participation cannot participate in any club activities until the suspension is over.

The KBO restricted Seo Jun-won’s movement with a ‘participation suspension’, and will hold a reward and punishment committee to discuss disciplinary action according to future legal rulings. KBO explained, “If the facts are confirmed according to the judgment of the judicial body in the future, we will hold a reward and punishment committee to deliberate on whether to cancel the disposition of suspension of participation and final sanctions.”

If Seo Jun-won is ‘not guilty’, the possibility of continuing his career as an athlete still remains. However, the chances of clubs reaching out are extremely low. In case he is ‘guilty’ he seems to be punished severely. In a recent case that was handed over to trial on similar charges as Seo Jun-won, a sentence of ‘7 years’ was issued. In the case of the case, ‘threatening’ is included, so there is a different part from Seo Jun-won’s crime. However, it bears a lot of similarities with Seo Jun-won’s crime.

It seems virtually impossible for Seo Jun-won to wear a professional uniform again after committing an embarrassing crime.

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