Mallorca’s ace Lee Kang-in goes on an expedition to Seville.

Despite friction with the club in the transfer market in January, Lee Kang-in, who showed a professional appearance by making a big success as a starter against Real Madrid, is interested in whether he will be able to lead the team to victory by recording an attack point this time. Lee Kang-in’s next game, which is leaving for Seville, will be broadcast live exclusively on TV channel SPOTV ON and sports OTT service SPOTV NOW at 2:30 am on Sunday, the 12th. 안전놀이터

In the process of discussing his transfer, Lee Kang-in publicly expressed his uncomfortable intentions, such as canceling his club’s SNS follower and deleting the club’s name from his profile. Nonetheless, he surprised the local media by showing off his unchanging skills against Real Madrid. Thanks to Lee Kang-in’s performance, his team, Mallorca, has risen to 10th place and is maintaining a distance from the relegation zone. Even with 6th place Villarreal, the difference in points is only 3 points, so it is possible to jump to the top. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Kang-in will be able to create Mallorca’s victory in the next game against Sevilla.

Mallorca’s next opponent is Sevilla, who have turned into toothless tigers this season. Sevilla, who finished the last three seasons in fourth place and won the Champions League ticket, but this season has to worry about relegation. Despite having a superpower that sacked coach Hulen Lopetegui last October, they are still hovering in the lower ranks with 5 wins, 6 draws and 9 losses. There is hope for such Sevilla too. This is because they are on a three-game winning streak in their recent home matches, and Sevilla won 0-1 in the face-to-face match between the two teams last October. Can Sevilla add another three points by bringing Mallorca home?

On the other hand, Mallorca is winning the ‘Pongdang Pongdang’ victory recently. Currently, it is in 10th place, but as the difference in points with 4th place AT Madrid is only 7 points, if you go up step by step, you can dream bigger beyond the first goal of remaining in La Liga. Can Lee Kang-in, who was classified as a non-saleable resource to prevent Mallorca’s relegation, prove his skills and prepare a foothold to advance to a bigger stage? The match between the two teams at Seville’s home can be watched on Sunday the 12th at 2:30 am on SPOTV ON and SPOTV NOW.

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