It is not a matter of moving on to the expression ‘one stop’. No player in any sport can reign over the Taegeuk mark. This means that no one can privatize the national team and become the owner. The national team is a glorious organization that is always open and enjoyed by the chosen.

The reality of Kim Min-jae (27, Naples) remarks that he said, “I want to focus on my team rather than the national team” immediately after the evaluation match A match against Uruguay on the 28th, but was beaten, stemmed from the team’s internal problems that had festered. 먹튀검증

It is widely known in the soccer world that conflicts between some players in the national team have increased since the last World Cup in Qatar. In particular, at the time of the ‘2701 Incident’, the fact that A, who is the team’s captain, took the lead is still talked about among insiders. In addition, there is a big difference in opinion between some senior players and young players, and in the case of Kim Min-jae, he also had a hard time with this phenomenon.

In any organization, each member has a different disposition, and so-called ‘codes fit’ people get closer together. It’s not that different from a national team. However, the key to team competitiveness is to live together and prepare for major competitions while working professionally with a ‘one team consciousness’.

Kim Min-jae has been living in the national team with a great sense of responsibility. However, looking back at the meaning of the national team, it is true that this remark was rash, no matter how mentally and physically exhausting he faced. It is also the same as posting an apology on social media the day after the game.

Nevertheless, it should not be dismissed as just Kim Min-jae’s own happening. There have been similar situations related to internal conflicts in the national team before, but they have never been as well exposed to the outside as they are now, and the noise has never continued. The biggest reason is that some key players are trying to control the atmosphere by holding a voice within the team more than before.

Even in the process of selecting a successor for coach Paulo Bento after the World Cup in Qatar, a number of national team agents voiced their voices to the effect of “listening to the player.” Even at this time, several senior soccer players and association officials showed concern. This is because the national team is not a ‘place where a certain player comes naturally’.

A coach who has the right to select players must select resources that fit his own color, and sometimes boldly use his new face to guide him in the desired direction. However, some players in the current national team have the perception that ‘of course they can be selected and lead’.

New coach Jürgen Klinsmann, who took over the baton, is known to be well aware of this atmosphere. In the end, how much you lead the national team renewal during the second A-match in June is expected to be an important point in achieving the initial goal.

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