“Congratulations on your 20th save. I couldn’t say it myself…”

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung (51) was seen on the broadcast screen getting angry after the previous day’s game against KIA. Seo Jin-yong (31)’s sweaty save seemed to be the reason. A day later, on the 8th, Kim Won-hyung explained.

Before the 2023 KBO League regular season game against KIA at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 8th, Kim Won-hyung laughed and said, “Another sweaty save,” and then said, “It’s not that, I was a little angry from Go Hyo-joon. I should have hit him, but he gave me a walk.”

He continued, “After the game, I told battery coach Jung Sang-ho, ‘Tell (Kim) Min-sik to stop gesturing for me to drop the (forked) ball.’ There is a part where I said it while laughing. That’s why coach Kim Min-jae laughed,” he added.

The day before, SSG won a 9-8 thriller. They led 8-5 in the top of the seventh inning. In the bottom of the seventh, with the bases loaded, Ko Hyo-jun came on and gave up a walk to Socrates Brito and a double to Choi Hyung-woo.

He got Kim Sun-bin to ground out to second, allowing a runner to score from third to make it 8-6. He then gave up another walk to Ko Jong-wook. He was replaced by Noh Kyung-eun. Noh gave up an infield single to cut the deficit to 8-7.

In the top of the ninth, Kim Sung-hyun hit an RBI single to make it 9-7. Seo Jin-yong pitched the bottom of the ninth. He gave up a walk, a hit, a hit batsman, and a sacrifice fly to make it 9-8. Lee Woo-sung was hit by a pitch to load the bases again.

He struck out Kim Kyu-sung and induced Shin Beom-soo to ground out to second base to end the game with the tying run on base. It was a close game, but SSG won again. Seo earned his 20th save.

“I didn’t think it would happen yesterday,” Kim Won-hyung laughed. “It’s true that Ko Hyo-joon has been playing well, but yesterday I ordered him to fight even if he got hit. He gave me a walk. I was a little angry.”

“Actually, I don’t know when the camera catches me. I don’t care. Instead, I know it’s going to catch me when something bad happens. I tell myself, ‘Keep a poker face,’ and yesterday I did a little bit after the match. If I was in trouble, I probably would have just gone in,” he laughed.

As for Seo Jinyong, he said, “He called me today to congratulate me, but I had a meeting in the middle, so I couldn’t talk to him. He said, “Congratulations,” and laughed, “It’s true.

“Yesterday during the match, I told the coaches, ‘I’ve seen it so many times, I’m not even nervous,'” he said. In fact, yesterday, I was thinking of nine, and I thought, ‘Maybe today is not the day,’ but Seo Jinyong overcame it again,” he explained.먹튀검증

“You wonder why he’s like that, but if you think about it, it’s hard to throw on the mound. He’s handling the situation well. He’s throwing hard, but in the end, he’s throwing for the team. The team plays well because he doesn’t fall apart. I think the biggest credit goes to Jinyong Seo,” he said encouragingly.

I pitched hard for two days. No pitch on the eighth. Not even in the ballpark. “I won’t even look at Seo Jin-yong, Noh Kyung-eun, and Ko Hyo-joon today. They’re resting. I sent them with me when I moved the starting pitcher for the next game. I told them to rest,” he laughed again.

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