Eric Dyer received strong criticism.

He is a centre-back from England. Physical is really good. Despite his height of 188 cm, he can move agilely. As he was originally a defensive midfielder, he has the ability to build up. He is versatile enough to handle even fullbacks in his time, and prefers intelligent defense that blocks the path of the ball over reckless defense.

He played for Tottenham Hotspur for a long time. After moving from Sporting to Tottenham in the 2014-15 season, he immediately took the starting lineup and has been in charge of a defensive axis to this day. His position within Tottenham is solid enough to play in 349 matches in his career, but the evaluation of his performance itself is not good. Despite his height, his inaccurate header ability and unreliable defense in every game were noted.

These criticisms grew over time. Even this season, he is playing in 30 matches, including cup competitions, but fans are desperately wanting Dyer to be excluded from the starting lineup.

Even Tottenham seniors couldn’t open their eyes to see his juniors’ performances. Jermaine Jenas looked at Dyer’s performance against AC Milan last week and said, “I don’t know why Theo Hernandez didn’t run when he got the ball. It’s understandable to be careful in the penalty box. It should have been,” he pointed out.

Alan McNinally, who played for Bayern Munich in the past, made a strong criticism. “He never knows where the danger comes from,” he said. “He doesn’t fit into either a back three or a back four. He just doesn’t have enough quality as a defender.” 메이저사이트

The defensive line that can be used tactically is the back 3 or back 4. Since the back 5 is similar to the back 3, it is not classified separately these days. In that respect, not fitting into either a back 3 or a back 4 is a humiliating criticism of Dyer. This is because it means that although he is a defender, he cannot be used in a defensive position.

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