The competition for the lead in the English Premier League (EPL) is getting fiercer. Arsenal’s solo system, which seemed solid, began to crack, and Manchester City and Manchester United are spurring the chase. Arsenal, the leader, have played fewer games, but the difference between the three teams has been reduced to 5 points.

As of the 14th, the EPL in the 2022-2023 season has played as few as 20 games and as many as 23 games for each team. Considering that each team is scheduled to play 38 rounds, about 60% of the match has been completed. As the season goes beyond the middle to the second half, the outline of the ranking competition is likely to be revealed to some extent, but the competition for the lead is rather falling into the fog.

The brakes were put on Arsenal’s high-altitude march. Arsenal was in a good mood even when the league resumed after the 2022 Qatar World Cup. Starting with West Ham, they won all league games except for the draw against Newcastle. It surpassed the ‘North London Derby’ against Tottenham Hotspur, and also won the match against Man United, which boasted the hottest momentum in the EPL.

However, after losing to Manchester City in the FA Cup, they are on a downward trend. After being hit by Everton, who was in danger of relegation, the undefeated streak of 13 matches (11 wins, 2 draws) that had been going on since September of last year was interrupted, and the match against Brentport also ended in a draw. Fans are expressing anxiety, saying, “The ‘Curse of February’ is back.” The curse of February comes from the fact that Arsenal are sluggish every February.

2nd place Man City is also not in a good mood. The mood has been turbulent as they recently suffered a 0-1 defeat after a lethargic performance against Tottenham and were charged with violating Financial Fair Play (FFP). In the local area, there is a saying that “If the charges are confirmed, the points will be reduced and the title will be stripped.” Also, talk of the injury of monster striker Elling Hollan is flowing out. 바카라사이트

On the other hand, Manchester United’s momentum is good. Manchester United had the worst start with two consecutive losses in the opening game, but succeeded in rebounding the atmosphere by winning 13 consecutive games. Marcus Rashford leads the team with an insane performance scoring 13 goals in 15 games. Although Manchester United played two more games than leaders Arsenal, they came up to a five-point lead. Overseas, predictions are emerging one after another that Man United is more likely to rise in the rankings.

In this situation, Arsenal and Man City, who continue to fight for the lead, meet. The two teams will play on the 16th at the Emirates Stadium, Arsenal’s home ground.

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