Daichi Kamada looks set to head to Benfica.

Multiple media, including Portuguese ‘Hecord’, said on the 27th (Korean time), “Benfica president Rui Costa promised to give a gift to coach Roger Schmidt. Kamada leaves Frankfurt at the end of this season, and Benfica wins the competition. are trying to,” he said.

Japan national team member Kamada entered the Bundesliga in 2017. He initially failed to secure a starting spot. He only made four appearances in all competitions in the 2017-18 season, and improved his skills while leaving for Belgian Sint Trawiddon on loan.

As a result, he was one of the best. Kamada grew by scoring 16 goals and 9 assists in 36 games at Sint-Troudon in the 2018-19 season, and then returned to Frankfurt the following season and made a successful soft landing by participating in 28 league games only. It was a bonus that he showed his potential with 6 goals and 2 assists in 10 games in the European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League (UEL) that season.

Since then, he has developed into Frankfurt’s main player. In the 2020-21 season, he showed off his talent as an attacking midfielder by recording 13 assists in the league alone, and continued to be a starter after that, becoming Frankfurt’s ace. Last season, he appeared in all UEL matches and led the team to their second UEL title.

Daichi, who grew up as Frankfurt’s ace, decided to say goodbye to the club at the end of this season. On the 13th, Frankfurt announced on its official website, “The 26-year-old Kamada, who has been at Frankfurt for six years, has decided not to renew his contract. He will leave the club at the end of the season.”카지노사이트

Several big clubs, including Barcelona, ​​Dortmund and Tottenham, have approached to bring Kamada, who is released as a free agent. In particular, Dortmund was sincere in signing Kamada. At the time, Dortmund’s general manager Sebastian Kell said: “Kamada is a really interesting player. We have worked with a Japanese player named Shinji Kagawa in the past, and he had a successful time. If there is anything that needs to be done for Kamada to join Dortmund, he will do so.” I even sent a love call.

However, Kamada seems to have turned down big clubs like Barcelona and Dortmund and chose to go to Benfica.

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