“This is the only thing I can do for them.”

Sixty canned coffees were delivered to the Doosan team before their game against Hanwha in Daejeon on April 1. The order came from Doosan head coach Lee Seung-yeop (47). The players, coaching staff, and employees all took a moment to cool off before training with a cup of cold coffee from Lee.

The photo of Lee drawing a heart with both arms was inscribed with the cheering words, “I believe in the Doosan Bears, a team that has been running tirelessly. “Why is the picture so…” said Lee, who was embarrassed, “It’s meant to cheer us up and give us strength. This is the only thing I can do,” he said with a smile.

Doosan was mired in a five-game losing streak before the game. The five-game losing streak came after the team set a new franchise record for the longest winning streak by taking their first 11 games in July. There had been two previous four-game losing streaks, but the five-game losing streak was the first under Lee this year. The sweep at Jamsil LG last weekend was particularly painful.

In that situation, Lee tried to change the mood of the team by giving them coffee. There was pressure on the team to end the losing streak, but they weren’t under much pressure. “I was worried about (the aftermath) after the streak was broken. We needed one win and lost five in a row,” Lee said, adding, “Nothing is forced. You shouldn’t do something when it doesn’t work, so it’s better to take it easy than to feel the pressure of a losing streak.”

Lee, who didn’t make any unnecessary changes or pressure his players during the game, said, “In a long-term race, you can lose five games in a row or 10 games in a row. The players want to win, of course. The more you do that, the more you have to be careful not to overdo it. It’s more about connecting than solving,” he emphasized.

He also spoke briefly with captain Heo Kyung-min and Jung Soo-bin, who were brought in as substitutes in the eighth inning after the team’s previous game against LG in Jamsil on March 30, when they were down 0-10. Lee said, “The past is the past. July is over, so let’s start again the day after tomorrow (August). You guys are the center, so lead the seniors well,” he said.토스카지노

After 11 straight wins, the team lost five straight. It’s been a roller coaster ride, but Lee said, “(The five-game losing streak) is not the end of the world, but we went 11-5 in July. I hope you can look at it that way. It’s okay. July is over, and now it’s time to play. There are 58 games left.”

Lee’s coffee had an effect, and Doosan won 8-3 against Hanwha that day, ending a five-game losing streak and starting the first day of August on a high note. They quickly recovered from what could have been a long slump to stay in third place.

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