Can the Chicago White Sox rebound this season?

Broadcaster Matt Basgusian predicted on the 7th (hereafter local time) on the US sports program ‘MLB Network’ that “Chicago’s year will be noticeably better.”

Chicago finished the season last year with an 81-81 win rate of 50% and second place in the American League Central Division. With 46 wins and 46 losses in the first half and 35 wins and 35 losses in the second half, they failed to cross the 50% mark.

It is completely different from the previous season when they won the district championship with a 57% win rate of 93 wins and 69 losses. Chicago’s concern in the 2022 season was the health of former manager Tony La Russa.

In addition to his advanced age in his 70s, news spread that he suffered from a heart-related disease, and he faced a crisis of having to vacate the command tower.

This concern has become a reality. In the end, coach La Russa had to step down, and Chicago couldn’t even look at a district championship, let alone fall baseball.

This year’s Chicago is different, of course. First of all, new manager Pedro Grifol joined. You can count on the appropriate age of 50 and the experience of a major coach built up from Kansas City Royals in 2013. 메이저사이트

New prospect Oscar Colas is also one of Chicago’s hopes. He joined Chicago on an international amateur contract in 2021. Since then, he has been promoted to Triple-A within one year of his joining and is emerging as the next star to lead the team. There are also observations that if this growth trend is maintained, it will debut in the big leagues in the near future.

But worries still remain. It’s the players’ injuries. In fact, last year, key players such as Elroy Jimenez, Tim Anderson, and Louis Robert took a long absence due to health problems. If the problem repeats itself this year, Chicago’s season will be bleak.

Attention is focusing on whether Chicago can bring smiles to fans’ faces this season.

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