Suwon Samsung, who took over as acting manager Choi Seong-yong after the manager’s resignation, lost a complete match against rival Seoul in a ‘super match’.

Acting Choi acknowledged that there was a tactical defeat and promised to work harder.

Suwon lost 1-3 in the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 Round 8 ‘Super Match’ against FC Seoul held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 22nd.

Suwon, who had yet to win their first win of the season with 2 draws and 5 losses prior to the game, conceded consecutive runs to Na Sang-ho, Hwang Eui-jo and Palosevich. Mulich belatedly pursued a goal, but the result was the 6th defeat of the season.먹튀검증

Suwon was unable to get out of the bottom of the swamp despite the heavy rain of manager hardship.

The topic of the game that day was the appointment of national team leftback Lee Ki-je as right wingback. At the post-game press conference, Acting Assistant Choi Seong-yong said, “The reason Lee Ki-je’s position changed several times during the game was because I was preparing tactically and trying to have a lot of midfielders depending on the opponent with the back 3.” I tried to do it, so I moved Lee Ki-je forward like a back 4 throughout the game.”

He added, “As the goal was released, the situation went wrong and the players were embarrassed. I tried to put Lee Ki-je at the center of the team for a longer time, and as a result, I lowered Lee Ki-je again.” 

When asked if he had any conversations with former coach Lee Byung-geun, who left the team, Choi said, “The words coach Lee said while leaving the team were, ‘The result is important to the fans who support Suwon, but the atmosphere where they can do their best without giving up until the end. He said, “I hope that we can fight confidently by making “.

He said, “Although it was a short time, the coaching staff tried to fill in the missing parts. However, it seems that they felt burdened as they lost points. .

When asked if there was a conversation with the front desk, Acting Choi said, “I haven’t talked much about the conversation with the club. After talking about the coach’s future, I took over as acting manager. He only said, ‘Please lead me well so that I can help the team.’ ” he replied. 

Regarding the opinion that the team’s lack of confidence needs to be addressed, he said, “The players have a lot of pressure from the current results and the bad stories they see and hear, and the players feel heavy because they can’t escape their responsibility.”

“I had a conversation to motivate the players as much as possible. Today, the same result came out and I feel sorry for the players. I think I will have to keep thinking about it. I will find a way to make it happen.” 

The evaluation continued that the power difference between Seoul and Suwon was clearly revealed. After thinking about it for a while, Acting Choi said, “There are parts that I have to admit. The reason why the strong team and the weak team were divided is because of the results and performance. I think you saw it that way today too. I think soccer is a clash of bodies and there are tactical strategies, but the players are the best I did my best. The lack of me and the parts that had not produced results before that were harmonized, and it was seen through the eyes of the strong team and the weak team.”

He continued, “I hope there are many good players on the team, and it would be nice if there were many representative players and foreign players, but you know the number of people we can currently use. The players do not give up and are working hard until the end. I will never give up, but the coaching staff will think hard and try harder to keep the players’ spirit alive and not give up.” 

Lastly, Acting Choi said, “It may have been an unpleasant performance after showing poor results to those who support us. The players did their best during the time they prepared and the time they spent together. I will try to move forward. I’m sorry to the fans and I’m sorry that I gave you disappointment and more worries in my first game as an acting coach. I’ll try my best with the players until the end as much as the time given to find out what way there is a way,” he concluded. did. 

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