Chungnam Asan opens citizen membership ‘OWL-CLUB’.

On the 13th, the Chungnam Asan Professional Football Club (owner Park Gyeong-gwi, hereinafter Chungnam Asan) is recruiting for the club’s first citizen membership meeting, ‘OWL-CLUB’. OWL-CLUB stands for OWL, the progenitor of Asan City, and OUR.

OWL-CLUB is composed of White, Green, Yellow, Blue, and Official Red (group) members. The annual fee starts at 9,900 won for white members, and you can sign up as a member when sponsoring 100,000 won, 300,000 won, 1 million won, and 1 million won, respectively.

When you join OWL-CLUB, various benefits are provided. Issuance of a member-only card with a photo card of the desired player, home game tickets, match preview delivery service, priority invitation to club events, etc. are provided as standard, as well as provision of table and VIP seats, autographed team uniforms, club MD merchandise, etc. You can enjoy various benefits.

OWL-CLUB is with the region. Among the team’s vitamin houses, various benefits are provided when using restaurants and hot spring theme parks affiliated with OWL-CLUB, and various events and programs are prepared for OWL-CLUB to build the club together, such as being listed on the list of sponsors at the entrance gate.

Also, it is attracting attention through new attempts among OWL-CLUB benefits. As a benefit of entering the ‘Warm-up High-Five Zone’, the zone is installed in the passageway where the players enter the ground during home games, so that they can communicate with the players at the closest distance, such as high-five, with the meaning of wanting to get closer to the fans. paid 메이저사이트

Jeon Hye-ja, CEO of the Chungnam Asan Professional Football Club, said, “Our club is a citizen-owned club. We will create a variety of programs so that we can do this. We ask for a lot of interest and participation from fans.”

On the other hand, OWL-CLUB subscription is possible both online and offline. You can sign up on the Citizen Members tab at the top of the Chungnam Asan Professional Football Team website (, and you can receive information at the OWL-CLUB field, inside and outside booths during the 2023 season home games. Details can be found on the website and the club’s SNS, and inquiries can be made to the Chungnam Asan Pro Football Club Promotion and Marketing Team (041-533-2017).

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