anecdote related to Boot Verhost, who is about to go to Manchester United, was introduced.

Manchester United’s number one target in the transfer market this winter is an attacker. The departure of Cristiano Ronaldo was great. When his playing time at Manchester United decreased, Ronaldo expressed his disapproval in an interview saying “Man United betrayed me” and eventually terminated his contract just before the World Cup in Qatar last November and left for Al Nasr.

The front line of Manchester United, which Ronaldo left, is still making good progress. Marcus Rashford in particular is doing more than his job. Currently, Rashford is showing good form by scoring 7 goals in 17 matches in the league. 안전놀이터

Nonetheless, coach Erik ten Haag wants a thicker layer of players in the attacking line. “I want to win every competition as much as possible,” says Ten Haag, and he has aspirations not to miss any league or cup competitions. For this, rotation is essential, and in the transfer market this winter, strikers are the top priority.

As a result, United were linked with several strikers. The striker who has been linked most recently is Boot Verhost from the Dutch national team. With a height of 197cm, he is a striker with excellent ability to compete in the penalty box and decisiveness.

Originally active at Burnley, he tasted failure as the team was relegated and was loaned to Besiktas this season. And while he was on loan, he scored 9 goals in 18 games and improved his sense of goal, and also showed his presence by scoring multiple goals in the quarterfinals against Argentina in the last World Cup in Qatar. According to a number of local media outlets, including the British media ‘BBC’, it is said that Man Utd is pushing for a loan signing for Verhost.

As Verhost’s rental recruitment approaches, anecdotes related to him are being introduced locally. The British media’The Athletic’ introduced an anecdote from Verhost’s Burnley. The media reported, “Ver Host, who has recently been connected with United, called his teammates by name during matches when he felt that the game was not going well or that his teammates were not working.”

The media added, “Also, Verhost has a strong desire to succeed in England, so he sent a text message to the manager late at night about tactics.” Fans are divided over Verhost’s series of anecdotes, with opinions that it is too much to accuse his teammates, and that his competitive spirit will benefit United.

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