Resette Carnet, CEO of ‘Leona Sports’, the agency of Yasiel Puig (33), who was additionally indicted for obstruction of justice, claimed that there was racial discrimination during the investigation of Puig.

Puig is fighting a court battle over false statements about an illegal sports betting company in 2019. U.S. prosecutors believe that Puig made hundreds of illegal bets on tennis, football, and basketball, excluding baseball, from May to September 2019 with a third party involved in illegal sports betting run by Wayne Joseph Nicks.

U.S. prosecutors charged Puig not with sports betting per se, but with lying while investigating the allegations against his ringleader Nix. At the time, prosecutors said, “Puig had a chance to tell the truth about the Knicks’ gambling business, but he didn’t. Puig interfered with the work of investigators and prosecutors with lies.” Puig also admitted to making false statements in November last year and was fined at least $55,000 (about 70 million won). On the 13th, Resette Carnet, CEO of Puig’s agency, Leona Sports, posted on her personal SNS, “Puig uses Latin, so there is a language barrier and a lack of understanding of the investigation process. They (prosecution) all the black men they investigated. “If you tell a lie, you’ll be prosecuted.” What about non-black people? The investigators presented the prejudice between blacks and non-blacks as the first step in an acquittal. We will still prevail, and within their The customs will come to light.” 슬롯사이트

But things have changed. Puig pleaded not guilty on the 11th. He agreed to a fine rather than plead guilty to misrepresentation by plea bargaining, but then changed direction. And Puig’s agency alleged that Puig was treated unfairly during the investigation.

Currently, Puig is claiming innocence and is in danger of being charged with obstruction of justice by the US prosecutors for making false statements. LA local media ‘LA Times’ said, “Puig pleaded not guilty in a Los Angeles court and suggested that he would fight the trial. Puig is charged with obstruction of justice as well as false statements in the changed indictment. If caught, you can face up to 10 years in prison. False statements are up to 5 years in prison,” he pointed out Puig’s situation.

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