Reporter Ahn Young-joon = An incomprehensible thing happened. The process of explaining the absurd situation was also incomprehensible. As he tries to cover the sky with his palm, the controversy is amplifying.

Heungkuk Life Insurance is experiencing internal troubles recently. It started on the 2nd when the club announced the joint resignation of manager Kwon Soon-chan and general manager Kim Yeo-il. The replacement of the coach during the season is not entirely unfamiliar, but this time the background was suspicious.

‘Kwon Soon-chan-ho’ was running in second place in the league in a good atmosphere, beating the leader Hyundai E&C. There was no reason to evict the captain of a cruise ship.

The club said, “It was inevitably decided to break up with coach Kwon Soon-chan because it did not match the direction we wanted to go.” However, in reality, the general opinion was that the club’s leadership, through general manager Kim Yeo-il, intervened in the selection of former coach Kwon Soon-chan’s players, and in the process, a conflict arose and the command tower was kicked out.

The situation so far is already out of common sense. However, in the process of Heungkuk Life Insurance explaining this situation, the problem grew.

Shin Yong-joon, the newly appointed general manager, explained, “There was no involvement in the recruitment of players between the former coach and the general manager. However, there was only a clash of opinions over the issue of putting Kim Yeon-kyung and Yelena Mrazenovic (registered name Yelena) together in the front line.” did.

It’s like he confessed while trying to defend himself clumsily. The placement of the player rotation is, of course, the responsibility of the manager. However, Shin said, “The word ‘intervention’ keeps coming up over this, but I don’t think that’s the case.”

It is also absurd to see the club’s arguing over the appointment of players as an intervention, and even the previous explanation was not true. The lies were soon exposed.

Kim Hae-ran and Kim Yeon-kyung, who played the game themselves, revealed that “there was an intervention by the players.” Kim Hae-ran confessed, “The players were well aware of that fact, and there were players who were offended by it (the club’s involvement in player appointments). I am one of them.” Kim Yeon-kyung also confessed, “This season, there were times when I played the game according to the club’s intervention and lost the game.”

General manager Shin explained, “The atmosphere of the team is not that bad. There are many senior players who I knew well when I was the general manager in the past, so they understand the club.”

Kim Yeon-kyung said, “It’s embarrassing. I wonder if there is a team like this. It’s really embarrassing, and I don’t know how far I can handle it. The club seems to want someone who listens well to the club as a manager 메이저사이트. It’s a senior, and for whom is it hard work?” He did not hide his dissatisfaction. The gap between Director Shin’s explanation and reality is too great.

Even Shin added more and more incomprehensible sophistry, such as “fans commented on the rotation a lot on YouTube” and “In the past, our team was so low-ranking that we entrusted the rotation to the coach.”

As mentioned, the situation in which the leading coach was sacked and the reason alone will be a big controversy. So, it may have been impossible for Shin to give a clear explanation in the first place.

Still, there was a way to seal it. The situation might not have gotten this far if the new leader first ‘admitted’ the wrongdoing and showed a willingness to be more careful from the next process onwards.

However, Heungkuk Life Insurance does not even acknowledge it. You don’t know what you did wrong, you didn’t want to tell me, or you think you can get over it even if you don’t tell me. They try to solve the problem by distorting it without acknowledging it, so the situation becomes more and more serious every time they open their mouths.

You cannot cover the sky with your palms. Fans are angry at Heungkuk Life Insurance’s absurd and irresponsible response, following the ‘twin abuse incident’.

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