Dankook University has won 5 consecutive victories.

Dankook University won 80-36 against Kangwon National University in the 2023 KUSF College Basketball U-League Women’s University Regular League held at Dankook University Cheonan Campus Physical Education on the 11th. With the victory, Dankook University recorded 5 wins and 1 loss. tied for first place.

On this day, Dankook University led the atmosphere from the beginning of the game thanks to the performances of Moon Ji-hyun and Oh Se-in. And as time passed, he showed 카지노사이트 sharper attacks. Although the outside shot was disappointing, Park Seong-eun led the team’s attack with versatility. In addition, the other players scored evenly and won the game easily.

Dankook University coach Baek Ji-eun, who won the game, said, “Before the game, I told the players that we should do ours first. Even tigers do their best when catching rabbits. It doesn’t mean we are tigers. (Laughter) Our team can lose to the opponent if we don’t do our best. That’s why I said I should do it while focusing on the ball more. I won the game after working hard at first,” he said of his victory feeling.

Dankook University’s victory in the match marked a 5-game winning streak. In response, director Baek said, “We are not particularly good at it. None of the team records are good. (Laughter) But the players don’t care about individual records and are dedicated. Then the team became one,” he explained why the team was doing well.

After the game on this day, Dankook University will not play until the 5th of next month. Upon mentioning this, coach Baek said, “Three players go out more than 100 times. I’m leaving too. I hope the players will build their bodies well during the process. And there are many more important games in the second half. We must make up for our deficiencies. In particular, there are cases where I miss the easy shot, but I have to pay more attention to that.”

Even though he won the game, Coach Baek couldn’t help but smile. The reason is that an injured player appeared in the opponent’s Kangwon National University. In response, coach Baek said, “Actually, I won, but I feel really uncomfortable. Kangwon National University is a new team. There were originally 6 people, but only 5 came. So I thought, ‘I hope I don’t get hurt’. But it’s too bad that the injured came out. I hope that not only Kangwon National University, but all players can go through the season without injury.”

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