Despite the shocking slump of the Korean baseball team in the World Baseball Classic (WBC), the pro baseball demonstration game held on the weekend attracted more than expected spectators, demonstrating the popularity of baseball.

The KBO Secretariat counted 29,525 spectators at five stadiums across the country on the 19th.토토사이트

Daegu Samsung Lions Park, where the kt wiz-Samsung Lions match was held, was filled with 8,443 spectators.

Sajik Stadium in Busan (6,425 people), Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park (5,500 people), Gwangju Kia Champions Field (5,067 people), and Changwon NC Park (4,090 people) also showed quite a lot of paying spectators. .

Since 2016, 10 professional clubs have been running demonstration games on weekends for a fee. It’s free on weekdays.

The day before, 24,052 spectators visited the baseball field. The number of spectators in Daegu, Gwangju and Busan increased by about 1,000 on Sunday, the 19th.

The box office performance of the exhibition game is above the level expected by the baseball world. It was expected that the performance of the Korean national team at the WBC would be much lower than expected, so the crowd would not be as high as usual.

Nevertheless, the fan spirit of ‘Chin Fan’, who visited the baseball field to watch the game of the team he usually supports, was still the same.

An official from Team A said, “Because of the poor performance in the WBC, the 10 professional baseball clubs could not increase their fans further.” It seems solid,” he said.

An official from Team B also analyzed that it was unexpected, saying, “It seems that fans have flocked to see the performances of the players newly added to the team this year and the players the club is expecting in the demonstration game.”

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