“The goal is to get promoted. You can go directly or you can go to the playoffs. The goal is the playoffs. It seems there is.”

Busan held a press conference for the 2023 season K-League winter field training media camp at Songjeong Hotel located in Haeundae-gu, Busan at 1:00 pm on the 9th.

Director Park Jin-seop, who attended the press conference, expressed his determination, saying, “I went to Chiang Mai, Thailand, and paid attention to the tactical and physical aspects. In the second round, the weather was good in Busan, so I finished training here and prepared for the opening.”

Director Park Jin-seop has a deep relationship with Busan. He spent 2 seasons in Busan as a player. The place where he started his leadership life is also Busan. Head coach Park Jin-seop started his first career as a head coach in 2013 at Kaesong High School, a Busan U-18 team.

His professional managerial debut was with Gwangju FC. Afterwards, he worked as a tactical coach for FC Seoul and Jeonbuk Hyundai, before taking the helm of Busan in June of last year. Busan, which was at the bottom of the league at the time, appointed manager Park Jin-seop and expected his role as a firefighter. It was his first appointment during the season. Manager Park Jin-seop said, “I was appointed in the middle of last season, so I lacked tactical perfection. This season, I am trying to match the degree of perfection in the organizational part,” and promised to show a different image in the upcoming season.

The goal is promotion. Although Busan had poor results in the past two seasons, manager Park Jin-seop showed confidence. Manager Park Jin-seop said, “The goal is to get promoted. You can either go direct or go to the playoffs. The goal is to playoffs. If you go towards that goal, I think you can challenge for the championship. First of all, the playoffs. We are aiming for,” he said.

[Hereinafter, the full text of director Park Jin-seop’s press conference]


After returning from Chiang Mai, Thailand, I paid attention to the tactical and physical aspects. The second round is in Busan, where the weather is good, so we are preparing for the opening after finishing training here.

It seems that foreign players have not been recruited.

I had been preparing since October of last year, but it didn’t go well with the final part of the transfer. Other players are also looking into the registration period. I don’t know how that will be decided. I guess I’ll find out with time.

The formation seems to be on the striker side. What is the solution if strikers cannot be recruited?

Striker resources trained during the field training. Lamas also changed his position to striker and trained. If it is not possible to recruit, I plan to prepare with the players I have. I have no intention of rushing it. There are opportunities even in the summer, so I will try to find out and make a decision even then.

Head coach Yoo Kyung-hyun came back,

and the role of coach Yoo Kyung-hyun was great in terms of style and training method. Being together makes me feel like a personal burden has been lifted. As a coach, he is also a good coach and can teach the players a lot, so I think he will be of great help to the team. I am grateful that Coach Yoo Kyung-hyun came.

Last season, the scoring was lacking, but I think there will be a process to make up for this part, but

last season, the league scoring was not good. After last season, I had a lot of worries. I paid attention because the reason for picking foreign players seemed to be helpful in terms of scoring. But it doesn’t work like a heart. The next method has a tactical part. You need a lot of strikers to score, and there was a lot of talk tactically. I plan to bring a lot of changes to my attacking tactics in order to score a lot.

How satisfied are you with other positions?

With the exception of the striker mercenary, the player concept was over. From the manager’s point of view, it would be nice if there were better players and more players, but there are circumstances in the club. It is the best choice in the club situation. We are trying to find the best way to do it through training and communication.

What will the 2nd Division look like?

You have to open the lid. In terms of power, I think managing director Kim Cheon is the best. I think Anyang and Bucheon, which did well last season, will have their coaches reappointed, and they will be well prepared organizationally and tactically.

Last season, if you were appointed in the middle, this year, you are preparing for the season from winter training, but

the most important part is recruiting players. We tried to bring in players who can sacrifice themselves and play as a team. He was appointed in the middle of last season and lacked tactical perfection. This season, we are trying to match the level of perfection in the organizational part.

What is your goal?

The goal is to get promoted. You can go direct, or you can go to the playoffs. The playoffs are the goal. If I go towards that goal, I think I will be able to challenge myself to win. First of all, we are aiming for the playoffs.

Which players are you paying attention to?

It is not a team with a player whose star is a particular player. So, I want everyone to do it systematically. I think the team will become stronger if the newly recruited players like Choi Ji-mook do well.

Last season was the worst in history in terms of the club, but it can act as motivation to prepare for this season, and it can be psychologically atrophied, but there are

two aspects. The first is, we told the players to take that to heart because we didn’t do well in the league last season. Motivated. Second, I think the players will feel anxious at the beginning of the season because they know that atmosphere. I think that I will forget that part in the beginning and rather be motivated and come to a bigger part.

You said it wasn’t a team with a specific player, but did you say anything about captain Lee Han-do?

Nothing special was said. We know each other well. I think he will play a big role in the defensive part. I think he will do a lot as a team leader. I appointed a captain because I thought he would do a good job as a captain in terms of harmony and communication.

What is your message to the team?

I had a lot of personal greed, so I pushed the players or got angry. What I want to emphasize to the players is that promotions and championships are important, but I am emphasizing that we can sacrifice together and fight for the team. I think that the overall atmosphere and personal ability will improve when we play games and train each other happily and have fun, so we emphasize those points.

It should be different from last season, what part has changed or what part do you want to change?

What I thought was the biggest problem last season was physically disappointing in the second half. This season, I’m building up my stamina to be able to play 90 minutes, and I hope it changes. I didn’t score a lot in the offensive part, but I think I want to show an aggressive side.

From the opening game, we faced Cheonan. What are your thoughts on the beginning of the season?

At the start of the season, the first three games cannot be played at home due to ground conditions. I think the results of the first 3 games will be important to start early. Since the first match in Cheonan is important, I plan to prepare well. From Cheonan’s point of view, it’s the K-League 2 opening game and it’s a home game, so I think I’m going to prepare a lot.

Since it is a new team, it seems difficult to grasp the power.

It was a new team, so it was difficult to get a lot of information. The opponent’s analysis is important, but I think it’s more important how we prepare ourselves. We are preparing ourselves to be 100%.

How many pros of preparation are you now?

I think it has risen to 70-80%. For the rest, I plan to prepare for the opening of the league and prepare through practice games.

Park Jong-woo renewed his contract, but

since the contract with Park Jong- woo ended, we talked a lot. In the team, Park Jong-woo needed something, so we talked about it. Park Jong-woo also accepts that part well, so I think he will personally play a good role. He seems to be playing the role of a senior, and he asked me to play the role of a senior when the team is having a difficult time. He is grateful for the good work he has done so far.

Young and inexperienced players are the main focus.

It is true that there are many young players in the team as a whole. I hope that players such as Park Jong-woo and Lee Han-do can share and fill in the experiential parts of the players. Because it is a young and ambitious team, I think it can rise.

A word

to the fans I am sorry to the fans for the poor performance last season. This season will show a different look. In the meantime, there were few fans in Busan, so I wasn’t excited about the stadium, but if we show a better appearance this season, I think a lot of fans will visit us. I will repay you with good performance. 바카라

What is the difference between the promotion and the atmosphere in Gwangju?

The atmosphere is not very different. Back then, there were players with a lot of experience, but now I think the difference is that there are a lot of young players. I think it’s my role to create that atmosphere. If the mood is down, it can be a downside. I think I need a role as a director to turn the atmosphere around.

The stadium is being built, but

I haven’t been to the stadium yet. I don’t know what the lawn situation is like. Players know that grass is important to play well. The city is also aware of that. I would be grateful if you could help the players do well.

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