Men’s professional volleyball Woori Card showed concentration without being shaken even in an unexpected situation where the command tower was confirmed for Corona 19, and defeated No. 1 Korean Air after a close match in a full set.

Except for the libero, all the starting players wrote a unique record showing off their blocking skills.

Despite the sudden absence of the coach, Woori Card’s Na Kyung-bok and Agamez’s attacks are constantly plugged into the opponent’s court. 안전놀이터

And the blocking has an exceptionally high hit rate.

If Agamez shows off his spider hand skills, Na Kyung-bok can’t lose, right?

All of the starting players except for the libero were blocked, overwhelming Korean Air with 17 interceptions.

Na Gyeong-bok and Agamez, who squeezed their strength until the last minute, combined for 48 points, and the attack was strong.

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