The Los Angeles Dodgers are in an uproar over Gavin Lux’s out-of-season injury.

It’s because I didn’t prepare a plan B because of money. Depth was not enhanced either.

The Dodgers didn’t catch Trea Turner. It was expensive, but it was to give Lux a chance. Lux has not been able to get a chance because of Cory Seager and Turner, but with Turner leaving this season, he became the starting shortstop.

However, the Dodgers did not prepare Lux backup.

Eventually, when Lux was out for the season, 34-year-old Miguel Rojas was put in his place.

Rojas was scheduled to represent Venezuela at the WBC.

However, the Dodgers barred him from playing in the WBC. Because he has to focus on spring training.

In the end, Rojas gave up on W BC. The Dodgers shortstop position was more important to him than the WBC. Because he can’t miss the golden opportunity to raise the ransom.

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said Rojas will play 70 percent of his games this season at shortstop.

The rest will be taken over by the backup shortstop, who is Chris Taylor.

Taylor is a player who can play any position. However, due to injuries, he has mainly played as an outfielder in recent years.

He was preparing to play in left field or center field to fill the void left by Cody Bellinger this season as well. 먹튀검증

However, Lux’s injury forced him to play shortstop as well.

His shoulder is not good, so he still has problems with his ability to throw to first base. It seems to take some time to adapt.

It is the ‘karma’ of the Dodgers who missed both Bellinger and Turner.

It is known that the Dodgers will go all-in on the acquisition of Shohei Ohtani after this season.

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