Rookie players of the professional baseball team Hanwha Eagles are sweating heavily even in the dead of winter.

Reporter Baek Sang-hyun has met players who have yet to take off their student clothes, but who are more determined to achieve their goals than anyone else.


He catches his breath, raises his legs, and throws the ball vigorously.

This is pitcher Kim Seo-hyun, who was nominated by the Hanwha Eagles with the first overall pick in the professional baseball rookie draft.

He has a fastball of 150km per hour and is considered a promising player because of his good ball movement, but he has a strong aspiration to be the ‘save king’ unlike a rookie. [Soundbite] Kim

Seo-hyeon/Hanwha Eagles Player : “I’m so happy to be on a team called Hanwha Eagles, which is the best overall, and my goal is to become the best save player (as a finishing pitcher).”]

I am improving my skills with guidance.

[“I’m most confident in my fastball, and I think the changeup will be the best for the type of pitch that I think will be used best in the pro game.”]

Moves your feet brilliantly across obstacles.

Keep the ball flying until the end and hit it gently. 헤라카지노

This is Moon Hyun-bin, a rookie hitter.

His strength is that he can play both second base and shortstop positions.

[Moon Hyun-bin/Hanwha Eagles player: “When everyone saw it, they always said, ‘This player is running really hard on the ground.’ I want to become a player that will remain (memorable) for a long time.”]

The Hanwha Eagles, who stayed at the bottom of the league for three consecutive years, but instead got a new player more promising than other teams. We are starting a full-fledged quenching process for a new leap forward in the season.

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