Enzo Fernandez (22, Chelsea) is unlikely to play for Benfica, his former team.

Benfica president Ruy Costa told Sky Sports on the 4th (Korean time), “Enzo did not want to stay at Benfica. I did my best as the chairman, but Enso did not give me a chance to negotiate. I was really sad,” he looked back.

“It was impossible to change Enzo’s mind. As the transfer deadline came, I found a way to transfer Enzo over the summer. He said he would play all the remaining games this season and send him to Chelsea in the summer. But Enzo didn’t want to stay at Benfica for a bit.”

Once again, he said, “I made a promise to Chelsea. They said they would send Enzo over the summer at a cheaper price. However, Enzo said he didn’t want to stay at Benfica, so he moved straight to Chelsea. At that moment, I shouted, ‘Enzo will never be able to play for Benfica’.”

Lastly, President Costa revealed his firm will by saying, “I will not shed tears for a player who has already lost my heart.” 메이저사이트

Enzo moved to Chelsea on the 1st, the last day of the winter transfer window. Chelsea made several inquiries to Benfica about the transfer of Enzo, but Benfica refused. Then, he submitted the buyout amount right before the transfer market closed and completed the transfer. The transfer fee Chelsea handed to Benfica amounted to 120 million euros (approximately 160 billion won).

Enzo broke the record for the highest transfer fee ever in the English Premier League (EPL). The number one transfer fee was Jack Grealish (Manchester City). Entering the English stage with great expectations, he was handed the number 5 jersey that Jorginho (Arsenal) had left behind.

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