Did he regain his killer instinct from his college days?

Suwon kt, which once crashed to the bottom, rose to near the 50% win rate at once, running a 6-game winning streak. 0.5 game gap with 6th place Jeonju KCC. At the center is Han Hee-won.

Han Hee-won scored 16 points against Carrot in Goyang on the 1st, and then led the victory with 18 points against KGC in Anyang on the 6th. Debuting in KBL in 2015, it was the first time in his career that he scored more than 15 points in two consecutive games.

It is Han Hee-won who finally exploded after a long silence. He was a top-notch scorer until his college days, but after his professional debut, he rarely saw the light of day, but now he has become an indispensable part of kt.

Han Hee-won is the main character who inherited the title of ace after the Big 3 (Kim Jong-gyu, Kim Min-gu, Doo Kyung-min) graduated while attending Kyung Hee University. He was a strong scorer at Kyung Hee University who only emphasized hustle play, leaving behind the splendor, and was a killer who competed for first and second place with Jeon Tae-young of Dankook University.

However, after being nominated by Incheon E-Land as the 2nd overall pick in the 2015 KBL rookie draft, Han Hee-won’s professional career was in a mess. He was once evaluated as a next-generation scoring machine, but he was traded to KGC and kt, so he could not settle down in one place.

He has been given a somewhat unfamiliar role as a professional defender at kt. Han Hee-won, who had only been highlighted for her offensive power, was now being used as an ace stopper, so it was difficult to properly show her value. It was impossible to give an offensive role to Han Hee-won as kt already had domestic ace resources such as Heo Hoon and Yang Hong-seok.

Han Hee-won, who has been equipped with decent defensive skills over time, now seems to have regained his attacking instincts. Like his college days, he does not have the strength to make sharp 3-point shots every 4 or 5, but he has been reborn as a forward with a solid balance of offense and defense, utilizing 100% of his excellent physical condition and accurate shooting ability.

The most notable thing is the field goal success rate. Han Hee-won is recording a field goal success rate of over 60% in both games with 15 or more points. Yatoo attempts are not many, with 9 and 11 attempts respectively. It shows the best efficiency. 토토

KT, with Han Hee-won as the main player, comes as fear from the opponent’s point of view. The lineup of Han Hee-won, Yang Hong-seok, and Ha Yoon-ki is difficult for teams other than Seoul SK to handle. KT overwhelms opponents with size throughout the entire 40 minutes.

What’s even scarier is that half of the season has already passed. kt, which survived even Han Hee-won, has now become a strong player who has left the top ranks. Getting the title of ‘champion candidate’ before the season is now a nod. The future is expected kt and Han Hee-won’s basketball.

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