In the K-League starting this weekend, you should pay attention to Gangwon FC’s Yang Hyeon-Jun.
He was also the top rising star last year, and this year he pledged to become the best player with the symbol of an ace and Son Heung-min’s uniform number 7.
Reporter Choi Hyung-gyu met.

From the quick breakthrough from the side to the brilliant dribbling, to the goal-making ability that never misses an opportunity.

Yang Hyeon-jun, the ‘Best Young Player’ who shook the K-League last season at the age of 19, is now highly anticipated as Gangwon’s ace.

The uniform number, which was number 47 last year, has now been changed to number 7 minus the 4 in front, the ‘symbol of the ace’ that national team captain Son Heung-min wears.

▶ Interview: Yang Hyeon-jun / Gangwon FC striker
– “The pressure is a bit heavy, but I thought that if he overcomes the pressure, he will be able to become a better player, so I did (#7).”

Expectations have grown to such an extent that CEO Kim Byung-ji said, ‘I wish I could score 2 goals per game’, but Yang Hyun-jun’s goal for this season is simple and clear. 먹튀검증

▶ Interview: Yang Hyun-joon / Gangwon FC striker
– “My goal is to do better than last year, but I think ‘I’ve grown a lot since last year, I’ve become a better player, I’ve played a lot and I’ve become a good defensive player’…”

Yang Hyeon-jun, who was selected for the national team last year, but delayed his national team debut for a while because he could not step on the ground.

He promised to play a big role in the K-League this season, dreaming of a day wearing the Taegeuk mark and walking around the stadium with Son Heung-min.

– “If I play together (with Heung-min), I think it will be a very honorable match in my life, and if I focus on the team before that and show a better performance, I think I can go to the national team.”

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