Recently, San Diego general manager AJ Preller opened up the possibility of trade for Ha-seong Kim (28) and Trent Grisham (27). However, unlike Kim Ha-seong, who is rumored to be traded by various teams such as Boston, Minnesota, New York Yankees, and Atlanta, Grisham is unknown except for the one from the New York Yankees. Why is Kim Ha-seong, who won the Gold Glove Award 0 times, more rumors of a trade than Grisham, who won the 2nd award?

American media MLB Trade Rumors summarized the current situation in San Diego on the 9th (Korean time), saying, “How much more should San Diego spend?” 토토

San Diego recently exceeded the luxury tax limit for the second year in a row with aggressive acquisitions. This year, he continued the same trend by signing shortstop free agent Zander Bogatz (31) for 280 million dollars (approximately 349.2 billion won) in 11 years. As a result, the projected team annual salary for the 2023 season is expected to be $249.4 million (about 311 billion won), easily exceeding the luxury tax limit ($233 million) this year. “For those familiar with San Diego’s usual thinking, it feels like the club is reaching their own spending limit,” said San Diego reporter Dennis Lynn of The Athletic.

The way to control the total annual salary is trade. This is also the reason why San Diego will put Kim Ha-seong in the trade market more than Grisham. Ha-seong Kim will receive $7 million (about 8.7 billion won) each in the 2023 and 2024 seasons. On the other hand, Grisham is expected to receive 2.8 million dollars (approximately 3.5 billion won) according to Spottrak, an American salary aggregation site, as this year is the first year of salary adjustment.

Another reason is that there are fewer alternative resources for fellow Grisham than Kim Ha-seong. Although Kim Ha-seong was a finalist for the Gold Glove Award for shortstop in the National League last year, there are enough substitutes. They have All-Stars Bogaerts and Fernando Tatis Jr. at shortstop, and Jake Cronenworth at second base. If Cronenworth plays second base, it’s no problem if Matt Carpenter, who was recruited this time, plays first base.

On the other hand, it is difficult to fill the vacancy of Grisham, the winner of two Gold Gloves (2020 and 2022). Although his batting performance last year was not good with a batting average of 0.184 and an OPS of 0.626 in 152 games, he is a player who plays his part as a defense. Grisham is even more necessary given the importance of defending center field and the lack of defensive Juan Soto next to him in right field.

MLB Trade Rumors said, “President Preller is no stranger to creative deals. San Diego can secure some salary while securing depth.” He is somewhat open to trading Kim Ha-seong, who receives .

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