Hana 1 Q was unable to cross the wall of Woori Bank in the end. 

Bucheon Hanawon Q lost 44-69 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league match against Asan Woori Bank Woori WON held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 18th. Hana 1Q, who lost on this day, suffered a total loss of 6 matches against Woori Bank this season. 

Hana OneQ coach Kim Do-wan said with a sad expression, “I don’t know why the players get smaller when they meet Woori Bank. I don’t even think about fighting.” 

He continued, “The players seemed to have done their best, but they were all pushed back in terms of strength and experience. Also, the players of the opposing team had a good grasp of the basketball pulse and cut all the attacks they were trying to do, so it was not enough to solve it.” 

He also said, “It’s probably because our players were overwhelmed by the opponent, so we were passive, so we barely got any free throws. In a word, it seems like a game with a difference in level. Players feel this too, and I think we should think about how to prepare for the next time together.” said.

The Hana One Q players, who had been pushed around from beginning to end, entered the game with a solid appearance as the defense revived little by little in the fourth quarter. However, there was not enough time to overturn the large score difference.  먹튀검증

Manager Kim Do-wan said, “After the game, I talked to the players. At the last minute, I called a timeout, pointed out, and scolded, and then I tried to do something, but why couldn’t I do it from the beginning?” He expressed his frustration, saying, “I have to hit, but I’m disappointed that he showed such an appearance. They know it well, and there seems to be a limit to their efforts.” 

Regarding the last remaining season, he said, “It is natural that we are lacking. Still, I hope that our players will fight a little more and feel and gain something in the process.”

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