Repaying Yeoncheon for giving him a chance for two years over broadcasting, personal 200-hit mark ‘in sight’

Yeoncheon Miracle’s Hwang Young-mook, 23, who first expressed his desire to play baseball through the KBS Youth Baseball Organization, will play in the final game of the independent league.

“(Hwang) Young-mook has decided to play in the last game of the independent league on the 19th,” a Yeoncheon Miracle official told MHN Sports.

Hwang will attempt to reach 200 career hits in the final game of the Independent League. Coach Lee Jung-ki of Yeoncheon said, “Right before the draft, (Hwang) Young-mook had exactly 199 hits. With one hit left, the game unfortunately ended in a rainout,” he said. Moreover, when the independent league was postponed due to rain, the reorganized game happened to overlap with the recording date of Choi Kang Baseball.

As a result, Hwang was able to keep his “loyalty” to the Yeoncheon Miracle, which helped his talent blossom after dropping out of college. He also had the opportunity to build a golden tower of 200 hits in the independent league.

KBS PD Son Sung-kwon, who first scouted Hwang Young-mook for the program, told MHN Sports, “He is a player who I would like to give a lot of points to for his skills, but also for his sincerity. He may have difficulty adapting in the beginning, but I believe that he will eventually work in the pros. I hope Hwang Young-mook himself knows that this is the result of his father’s dedication,” he said in a congratulatory message.

Jo Boo-gyeom, who appeared on the broadcast with Hwang Young-mook and first joined LG as a batting ball pitcher, also said, “I was thinking that (Hwang) Young-mook’s brother would be selected in this year’s draft. As expected, Hanwha selected him in the first round, and I think they recognized his potential. I hope to see him on the field as soon as possible,” he said.

The final game of the 2023 Gyeonggi Independent League, which could be Young-mook Hwang’s retirement game from the independent league before entering the professional ranks, will be held at 1:30 p.m. on the 19th at the Gyeonggi Gonjiam Team Up Campus Baseball Field. The Yeoncheon Miracle will be playing against the Gapyeong Welsh.토토사이트

However, Hwang Young-mook himself has a strong desire to play until the playoffs, so it is necessary to coordinate recording schedules with his new team, the Hanwha Eagles, and JTBC’s Korea Baseball Organization.

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