The national team is sweating in Arizona, USA, with about 15 days left until the first WBC match.

Despite winning two practice matches, coach Lee Kang-chul is still not satisfied with the condition of the pitchers.

This is reporter Hong Seok-jun.


The WBC national team won a complete victory in one or two practice matches against NC and KIA.

In both games, the batsman’s performance was outstanding.

However, it is evaluated that the pitchers’ shoulders still look heavy.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol also admits that there are players who are slower to improve their condition than expected, and is in a position to keep an eye on them.

<Lee Kang-chul / WBC national team coach> “I’m not so concerned. I’m thinking of waiting a little longer. In the last game (practice in the US), if you come up a little more…”

There are more than one or two things that pitchers have to adapt to through practice games.

Not only the prescribed number of pitches, but also the competition official ball with a slippery surface and low seams, and an official rosin bag.

Analyzing the opponents of each team in the first round is an essential part of the routine. In particular, Yang Hyeon-jong, the oldest pitcher, takes on the role of his advisor and sets his own pace through his bullpen pitching. 안전놀이터

The role of two coaches, Hyeon-Jong Jung and Young-Soo Bae, as well as Hyeon-Jong Yang, who has WBC experience, has also grown.

<Yang Hyeon-jong / WBC National Team> “I think I pitched the game by mixing various pitches, such as curve, slider, and changeup, and threw them to fit the game. I went to Japan and made myself fit enough to throw 100%…”

The national team plans to complete the winning group through the remaining evaluation matches.

This is Hong Seok-joon from Yonhap News TV. 

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