Defending champion SSG, who is undergoing spring camp training in Biro Beach, Florida, USA, airlifted new balls and bats to the batting training range to continue the splendor of the ‘Home Run Corps’. This is what SSG batting coach Lee Jin-young prepared before the camp, and it is a 1 kg bat and a 9 oz (approximately 255 g) green baseball. It is heavier than the 850-900g bat and 140g official ball commonly used by players. 바카라

On the 10th, coach Lee Jin-young said, “If you train with a heavy bat, you can improve your muscle strength and ability to control the ball at the same time.” Players with relatively small physiques gain the strength to control their bats,” he explained. He added, “Training to hit a heavy ball helps you exert more power at your hitting point.”

Even at the beginning of the camp, players are already feeling the effects of training. Eui-san Jeon, who hit 13 home runs last season and made a mark as a next-generation giant, said, “I can definitely feel the feeling of hitting with the head of the bat, which helps me hit.” Jo Woo-hyeong also said, “The ball seems to go farther because the bat is heavy, and the feeling of hitting the ball is good.”

The training method using heavy bats and balls is actively applied to promising players. Coach Lee pinned the names of newcomers Kim Gun-woong and Kim Jung-min and said, “Kim Gun-woong is a power hitter, and Kim Jung-min is the type to make a line drive type ball through agility. He expressed his anticipation, saying, “I am guiding.

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