“I didn’t quit one side.”

Kiwoom has two Shohei Ohtani. The main characters are Jang Jae-young, a third-year student, and Kim Geon-hee, a rookie. Jang Jae-young started with Geelong Korea in Australian professional baseball, and Kim Geon-hee was a catcher and pitcher since his days at Wonju High School. Currently, Jang Jae-young alternates between pitcher and outfielder, and Kim Kun-hee alternates pitcher and first baseman.

During the Scottsdale training camp, the two’s busy daily lives became a hot topic. However, from this point on, the approaches of the two diverged sharply. Jang Jae-young was experiencing the batter with the feeling of ‘yeokjisaji’, and Kim Geon-hee was ‘sincere’ in the second Ohtani.

Jang Jae-young has been at bat for the first time in a long time since high school, and he is awakening the mindset of dealing with pitchers from the batter’s point of view. The bat that I picked up again to avoid stress over the baseball that did not work out compared to expectations over the past two years has now become a tool that set the direction of my baseball life. Jang Jae-young trains in batting and defense even during his exhibition games, but is determined to succeed as a pitcher.먹튀검증

Director Hong Won-ki, of course, says he “keeps all possibilities open.” However, it seems that the agreement with Jang Jae-young has already been reached. Sooner or later, the double-duty job will end. The regular season is war. Jang Jae-young is likely to occupy a spot in the starting lineup this season. It is right for him to focus on preparing for the starting pitcher.

Geon-hee Kim has a slight difference in opinion with coach Hong and the coaching staff. On the 16th, in the exhibition game against Gocheok KIA, Kim Dae-yu, Kim Geon-hee hit a come-from-behind final two RBIs and a heavy hit. In the appearance of saying, “The ball I was aiming for came and hit it confidently,” coach Hong caught Kim Kun-hee’s extraordinary batting talent.

Officially, I also leave all possibilities open. However, from the end of the spring camp, he subtly gave off a nuance to focus on the hitter. Manager Hong also seems to have a strong intention of raising Kim Kun-hee as a first baseman. I just don’t want to break the morale and romance of a rookie who just entered the pro, so I’m being considerate.

On the 14th, Geonhee Kim was sluggish with 1 hit, 3 walks and 4 runs in 1⅓ innings against Gocheok KT. Recalling this, “As a pitcher, I tasted the bitterness of being a pro and felt the wall. Pros are definitely different. You have to be humble, and you have to grow more. Still, the next time he gets a chance to pitch, he will throw my ball with confidence.”

At the same time, he said, “I haven’t quit one side yet.” It is his determination that he cannot give up the dual job of pitching. I get up at 6:00 in the morning, start spinning the bat at 7:30, and have fun doing defensive training. He is serious even on pitcher training days. How can adults tell a rookie with such great passion for baseball, “Don’t pitch and focus only on the hitter?”

Still, the time to choose is coming. Realistically, if it’s not easy to become like Ohtani, it’s right to focus on other people. Kiwoom internally sees Kim Kun-hee’s growth potential as a hitter higher than that of a pitcher. It is analyzed that it will take more time for pitchers to grow because they do not have enough time to learn professionally. Director Hong and the Kiwoom coaching staff need a skill to persuade Kim Gun-hee so that he doesn’t hurt her heart.

On the other hand, if it is judged that this year’s immediate power is not a bad idea, it is not bad to take a long breath and have it work for a while and slowly set the direction. If you think pitcher Kim Kun-hee is a bonus anyway, there is no reason to give up now.

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