“I was originally a passive player.” 

Hwang Dae-in (27) is the mood maker at the KIA spring camp in Tucson, Arizona, USA. With Hwang Dae-in’s words, the atmosphere of the team changes is the current daily life here, after about 3 weeks of camp. Coach Kim Jong-guk said, “All the players agree and like what (Hwang) Dae-in says. In both training and matches, Daein leads the atmosphere. Hwang Dae-in was pleased with the effect. 

However, Hwang Dae-in was not a player who raised the atmosphere from the beginning. Hwang Dae-in, whom we met in Tucson on the 23rd (Korean time), said, “I was originally a passive player. As a result, I always played baseball while paying attention, and at some point I was unable to play my baseball.” Hwang Dae-in also delivered information that his MBTI test result was ENFP. 

Then he said, “If I don’t do this, it’s no fun. Also, I have to do this to live the team atmosphere.” “I do this because I like it, and when the team atmosphere improves, everyone is good. I don’t do it because someone tells me to, I do it because I want to,” he showed off his sense of responsibility as an atmosphere maker. 

He also confirmed an article in which the command tower showed off infinite affection towards him. Director Kim said in an interview a few days ago, “Hwang Dae-in has to go out with that kind of character. That way, I think the fans will like him even more. Even if he makes a mistake, he will look at you if he is cute,” he said. Because he leads a bright atmosphere, he is an essential player for our team,” the father smiled. 안전놀이터

Hwang Dae-in said, “There is nothing wrong. The team really needs a player like that. Then, even young players can play without paying attention,” he said. “Now, everyone talks a lot as a team without up or down. The atmosphere is also very good,” he said. 

Along with his brighter personality, Hwang Dae-in also improved his skills. After joining the 2015 KIA in the second round of the first round, he spent more than five years of endurance, but after hitting double-digit homers (13) in 2021, he finally jumped to the starting lineup last year, batting average of 2.56 in 129 games, 14 homers and 91 RBIs. His slugging percentage of .401 proved that his performance a year ago was no coincidence. Hwang Dae-in is also likely to be the first baseman for KIA in the 2023 season.

Hwang Dae-in said, “I had a lot of good experiences last year. He had never played full-time, but through his last year, he learned how to manage his stamina and what to do when he’s good. Because he played a lot, he met many different types of pitchers. Thanks to this, I wonder if he will have better results this year.” “The defense was disappointing. There were not many hitting balls that went far into the middle right, so the number of home runs was small.” 

Hwang Dae-in will re-challenge for 100 RBIs in a season, which he unfortunately failed to achieve last season in the upcoming season. He, who recorded 91 RBIs last year, said, “Personally, I always think about RBIs a lot. He needs to score a lot of RBIs to score a lot for the team, and his personal record naturally improves. I will try my best to achieve my dream of 100 RBIs.” 

KIA fans made a promise to play fall baseball longer than last year. Hwang Dae-in said, “Last year’s postseason ended badly with just one game, but this year I will do my best to play until the end and even later. All the players are working hard at the camp, so please support us a lot.” 

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