Lotte Giants recruited a large number of veteran players ahead of this season. The recruitment of left-handed pitcher Cha Woo-chan (36) with a career record of 112 wins was a milestone. 

However, it remains to be seen whether Cha Woo-chan’s recruitment will be a practical plus right away. In September 2021, he underwent surgery after being diagnosed with rupture of the supraspinatus of the left shoulder and damage to the labrum of the joint. It is a sensitive area for pitchers and difficult to rehabilitate. A two-year gap was expected to some extent. In September of last year, he climbed the mound in the Futures League, but he did not fully recover. 

First of all, Cha Woo-chan has a strong will to return to the mound. Around him, he says, he “had a miasma.” He is consistently playing catch and pitching on the bullpen mound. He said, “I came to an overseas camp for the first time in a long time. The exercise is difficult, but I am training happily. I do bullpen pitching lightly at 70% intensity. I play catch ball every day. You can think of it as a rehabilitation process. Moving from Guam to Japan My goal is to build a lot of body before.” 

From the time of his surgery, about 2 years of rehabilitation were expected. He only had to care about rehab. The thought of his return was strong. He said, “Last year, the shoulder condition was only rehabilitated. I was expecting to be released. Instead, I did not stop exercising.” Unfortunately, several teams contacted me. The contract was completely entrusted to the agent.”

Even in the process of negotiating with the club, Cha Woo-chan already said, “I need time.” However, he responded that all clubs “can wait until June or July”. He believed in Cha Woo-chan’s class. 먹튀검증

Seong Min-gyu, general manager, told Cha Woo-chan, “I think it would be nice if he came back and pitched a game or two without rushing.” Pitching coach Bae Young-soo also called Cha Woo-chan before the contract. Cha Woo-chan said, “Coach Young-soo Bae called the fastest and strongly asked, ‘Do you have the heart to play more baseball?’ .

In fact, he has a strong enthusiasm for returning and is showing his venom. However, he says that poisoning and physical condition are separate issues. He said, “I think I want to show it, but it seems to be a different part from poison. There is poison, but time is needed and what I can do is fixed. There is nothing other than working hard every day. I want to come back quickly, but it doesn’t seem like I’m going to make up my mind,” he approached cautiously.

Everyone is caring for Cha Woo-chan. “Don’t be in a hurry,” he throws out one word at a time. However, the Maginot Line itself was set. He said, “People around me tell me to let go of the pressure,” he said. “I think I should come back before June or July. I’m so determined. If I can’t play after this time, even if I have more time. I think it will be difficult. It would be nice to build a body quickly, but it doesn’t work as well as I thought. It’s not easy to go up one level.”

In fact, the reason for recruiting Cha Woo-chan is not only his ability, but also the desire to serve as a mentor to young players. He’s also doing well with younger pitchers. He said, “I got close to Kim Jin-wook in the national team quickly. Also, rather than giving any advice, if he says he is making changes in a certain area, he only tells me that the direction is not bad.” “I want to enter the season by doing . I think it’s important to raise your body that much. Lotte has a lot of talented players, so it’s important to create results. If each individual does well, the team will become stronger.”

And he carefully conveyed his determination. He said, “I did not come to Lotte in a normal state. I think I can only say that I will do my best,” he said. If you do a lot, I think you will get really good results.” 

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