Jeju United faced a big bad news ahead of this season, with Joo Min-gyu (Ulsan) and Jerso (Incheon), both axes of attack breaking away. Considering that they were the players who accounted for more than half of the attack, it can’t be a big blow for Jeju.

Jeju filled the void of the two strikers by recruiting Hayes, who played an ace of Gwangju FC last season, and Yuri, who has rich experience in the Brazilian league. However, Hayes has no K-League 1 experience yet, and Yuri also has a question mark on how much she can play in the K-League, which is known for its roughness.

That is why Jeju places high hopes on Kim Ju-gong (27). Kim Joo-gong, who moved from Gwangju last year and is celebrating his second year in Jeju this year, is determined to be greedy this year.

Kim Joo-gong met at the Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju on the 7th and said, “I think you would think that Mingyu hyung or Zerso had a lot of influence.

Kim Joo-gong is an all-weather striker who can play both the front line and the second line. He is an all-around type with a certain level of activity, backspace penetration, and tactical understanding. But he rarely showed his full potential in a real game. He has the most league goals in a season so far with 5 goals scored in 2021 and last year. He has a lot of abilities, but if you ask if each one of them is exceptional, it’s also puzzling.

Kim Joo-gong is desperately needed this season, with Joo Min-gyu and Jeruso missing. Kim Joo-gong is well aware of this. So he is trying to show some greed for goals this season.

Kim Joo-gong said, “If you think about it, I had a lot of chances last season. I could have scored more goals if I had concentrated on that,” he said. 메이저사이트

There are times when I felt this way. Kim Joo-gong said, “When you practice shooting or training, there are many cases when it fits well and when you put it in.” Hearing that, he thought about it again and realized that he had been focusing on altruistic play to help others before. If you want to develop personally, you have to be greedy for attack points.”

Due to the nature of Jeju being an island, the travel distance is far greater than that of other teams. During the week when games are held during the week, the fatigue of the players reaches its peak. Last year, when the schedule was the tightest due to the World Cup in Qatar, there was no need to say more. Kim Ju-gong, who spent his first season in Jeju last year, sticks out his tongue at Jeju’s harsh schedule, but feels a little bit confident in the ‘relatively’ relaxed schedule this season. He said, “Certainly, fatigue piled up like no joke last season. So the balance was messed up. Certainly (Jeju) seems to have a handicap in that respect.” I think I can still do this much,” he said.

This season, when he will aim for goals in earnest, Kim Joo-gong set a high goal, saying, “I want to achieve both double-digit attack points and double-digit goals.” This is because they feel that they can fill the vacancy in the Jumin Rule. Kim Joo-gong said, “Last year, I aimed for 10 attack points, but due to an injury at the end of the season, I only scored 9 (5 goals, 4 assists).” Personally, my goal was to score double digits. So he is aiming for 10 goals and 5 assists,” he emphasized.

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