The schedule for the first day of the 8th Mungyeong Mayor Cup Youth Basketball Tournament has ended.

On the 28th (Sat), the 8th Mungyeong Mayor Cup Youth Basketball Tournament (hereafter Mungyeong Mayor Cup) opened in Mungyeong-si, Gyeongbuk, and on the 29th (Sunday), 5th and 6th graders, 2 types of group excluding middle school, were held. this has been finished

Last August, the Mungyeong Competition was held five months after the 2022 Mungyeong Sports Youth Basketball Championship. The Mayor of Mungyeong, who started this year’s youth basketball season in Mungyeong City, Gyeongsangbuk-do, the mecca of youth basketball, had a successful first day schedule with richer content and a systematic system than last year.

A total of 37 teams, including 6 3rd grade teams, 6 4th grade teams, 8 5th grade teams, 9 6th grade teams, and 8 middle school teams, were held for two days on the 28th and 29th. participated in this

In the 3rd year preliminaries, Bundang Samsung and Asan Woori Bank, strong players in youth basketball, went straight to the semifinals with two consecutive victories, as expected. The semifinal tournament was followed by a match between Busan Motion Sports and Changwon Friends and Chungju Samsung and Wonju DB.

In the 4th grade preliminaries, Wonju DB and Woori Bank advanced to the semifinals, while Dongdaemun Tomojim-Busan Motion Sports and Bundang Samsung-Hanmaeum Basketball Team held a semi-final tournament to determine the finalists.

The 5th, 6th grade, and middle school preliminaries continue until the morning of the 29th, and the full-fledged tournament schedule begins in the afternoon.  

This tournament, which was held for the development of sports in Mungyeong City and expansion of youth basketball base, is enjoying a two-day basketball festival with numerous young basketball players from all over the country participating in the Seoul metropolitan area, as well as Sejong, Busan, and as far away as Geoje Island.

Each participating team had a different level, but the participating players competed fiercely, displaying their skills to the fullest. Also, the motto of the mayor of Mungyeong is to play fun and happy basketball for everyone. According to the organizer’s ethos, all teams must participate in this tournament with 8 players, and a player included in the entry must play the first quarter, and the local rule that treats the entire quarter as a loss is applied. A firm direction was presented so that all players participating in the competition could play even for a minute. 먹튀검증

An official from Mungyeong Mayor Bae said, “We tried to define the definition of youth basketball differently. Getting good grades is important, but more important than that is an environment where you can play freely without any pressure. Everyone came from afar, but how heartbreaking it is when some run and some can’t. To compensate for this, we have been implementing the local rules unique to the Mungyeong Games for several years so that everyone can enjoy and enjoy basketball.”

The substantial preparations of the organizers, including the Mungyeong City Sports Association, stood out. To this end, the opening ceremony, which could be taken lightly by the organizers, was well organized, and various prizes were prepared to receive enthusiastic support from the participating players.

Meanwhile, the opening ceremony was attended by Mungyeong Mayor Shin Hyeon-guk, Mungyeong City Chairman Hwang Jae-yong, and Mungyeong City Sports Association President Roh Sun-ha.

As a tournament to announce the start of the 2023 youth basketball season, the 8th Mungyeong Mayor Cup Youth Sports Youth Basketball Tournament, which is becoming a festival ground for youth basketball dreams from all over the country, is looking at the end with its goal achieved.

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