In the US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour, where only the best golfers in the world are gathered, the putting success rate between 3 feet (about 90 cm) and 4 feet (1.2 m) is about 92%. Last season, the tour average was 92.28%. No one has been 100% successful. Zander Scheufele took first place in this category with a 99.19%, only failing once out of 124 attempts. However, Luke List, who is famous for his long hitters, finished last with 75.78%. Of 128 attempts, only 97 were successful and 31 failed.

A distance of 3 feet to 4 feet can be viewed as a distance of approximately 1 m. Professional golfers say that it is very embarrassing when they leave this distance putt. If you succeed, it is natural, but if you fail, you will feel disappointed. Philip Moncriff said, “A 1m putt is a distance enough to miss, and if you miss, it is a disgraceful short distance.”

Also, depending on whether this distance putt is a ‘birdie putt’ or a ‘par putt’, the probability of success is slightly different. In birdie putting, the probability of success is high because the putt is putt in a very pleasant situation, whereas in par putting, the probability of success may decrease due to worry about failure. Depending on whether the mind is comfortable or uncomfortable, the distance feels close to someone and far to someone else. 1 m may equal 10 m or 10 cm. Concentration will also be higher when birdie putting than when par putting. The hole may appear large or it may appear smaller than it actually is.

A 1m birdie opportunity will not come often to weekend golfers. Instead, ‘1m par putt’ or ‘1m bogey putt’ is often experienced. At this time, weekend golfers find ‘1m bogey putt’ much more difficult than ‘1m par putt’. The par putt shows a strong will and concentration to putt, but when the bogey putt is already disappointing, the will to succeed drops drastically. Moreover, if you fail this bogey putt and make a double bogey, it will affect your performance on the next hole. A 1m bogey putt failure is one way or another fatal injury. 메이저사이트

Moreover, among weekend golfers, a putting distance of around 1m is often referred to as a ‘distance that cracks friendship’. In a friendly game, it is a distance that can give a give (aka OK) enough, but if a small bet is made, it is difficult to shout “OK”. Some golf courses in Korea have drawn a circle about 1m around the pin, eliminating the possibility of dispute. But the circle also becomes another point of contention. This is because not all 1m putts are the same even if they are 1m putts. There is the easiest ‘straight uphill’ 1m putt, and there is also a relatively difficult ‘straight downhill’ 1m putt. If you overlap the downhill with the side slope, you will experience ‘psychological hell’ even if it is really 1m away.

There are cases like this. This is the image of a top golfer who subtracts a putt that is about 1m long when a player who is rounding together succeeds in a long putt first. It must be because of psychological influence rather than skill.

This is a piece of humor related to 1m putting. This is the story of a beautiful golfer who ended up playing rounds with Mr. A, B, and C, who were courting him to marry him. If you succeed in putting 1m on the last hole, you will be able to score your best score in your life. He throws a mission to listen to the courtship of the person who helps him make that putt a success. First, Mr. A. He takes all kinds of forms and reads the green carefully. Mr. B can’t lose either. He mobilizes all the golf theories he knows and increases the ways that the putt can be successful. And lastly, Mr. C, who smiles ‘sighly’. “I’ll give you an OK. Just play comfortably.” Whose courtship did the beautiful golfer listen to?

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