Jeonnam Dragons succeeded in strengthening their offense.

An official familiar with the K-League transfer market told Sports Chosun, “Jeonnam succeeded in recruiting Lee Yong-jae (32), a former national striker. As soon as the medical test results are completed, an announcement will be made.” Lee Yong-jae wears the Jeonnam uniform on loan. Jeonnam succeeded in transfusion Lee Yong-jae and added weight to the forefront.

Jeonnam, who stayed at the bottom last season, is focusing on reinforcing their power this winter. The point was attack. After taking over as manager Lee, he turned to aggressive football, but suffered from disappointment at the finish. Jeonnam focused on recruiting strikers to deepen Lee’s color. 먹튀검증

Ha-nam Jeon Seung-min, Asnawi, Valdivia, and Simovic were added in turn. There is Simovic who is over 2m in the front, but he needed an attacker to pair up with. Park In-hyeok enlisted in the military, and Kim Kyung-min, who was discharged, joined Seoul. Jeonnam searched for a new striker and took the lead with Lee Yong-jae.

Lee Yong-jae entered the K-League last season through Incheon United. Incheon, which sent Kim Hyun away, brought Lee Yong-jae as a replacement. Lee Yong-jae is one of the representative strikers who have stepped through the elite course. He participated in the U-17 World Cup in 2007 and the U-20 World Cup in 2011, and was particularly active in the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, contributing to a gold medal. In 2015, he was also promoted to the A national team by coach Uli Stielike at the time. His A match record was 1 goal in 4 appearances. Lee Yong-jae, who experienced Europe such as Watford, Nantes, and Red Star as a subject of the Korea Football Association’s excellent player study abroad program, later moved to Japan and played for V-Varen Nagasaki, Kyoto Sanga, and Paziano Okayama.

Wearing an Incheon uniform, Lee Yong-jae showed his unique dedication, but his decisiveness, which was pointed out as a weakness, caught his ankle again. He made 20 appearances, only 1 goal-2 assists. He had a chance after transferring to Mugosa, but was pushed back by newly recruited Hernandez after showing regret at the finish.

Incheon reinforced the front by adding Jerso this winter. Chun Seong-hun, a ‘youth-born’ of a similar type, also returned from Augsburg. There are even Kim Bo-seop and Song Si-woo. Here, Incheon continues to tie up with ‘Legend’ Mugosa, who plays in Vissel Kobe. Even if it’s not this winter, it’s likely to come in summer. Jeonnam sent a love call to Lee Yong-jae, who lost his place in Incheon, and Lee Yong-jae took on a new challenge.

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