KGC won overwhelmingly.

Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation won 99-43 against the Goyang Carrot Jumpers in the first leg of the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball Quarterfinal Playoff held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 13th. 

It was a one-sided game flow of KGC. There was not a single crisis. It is accurate to say that it was finished in the first half.

Starting with Byun Jun-hyung, Bae Byung-jun, Moon Seong-gon, Oh Se-geun, and Omari Spellman as starters, KGC showed an overwhelming appearance from the start in air defense. KGC started with a 7-0 scoring run, and Bae Byung-Jun, Omari Spellman, and Byun Jun-Hyung started the outer guns and hit Carrot.먹튀검증

Carrot, who expected difficulties due to the burden of physical strength, even faced bad news in the early 1st quarter, when Lee Jung-hyun, the core of his power, was injured. Lee Jung-hyun was put back into the game afterward, but he could not reproduce the performance he showed in the playoffs in the sixth round. 

The first quarter ended with an 18-point lead, and even after that, KGC continued to widen the gap without loosening the reins. 1 option Omari Spellman, as well as Han Seung-hee, Bae Byeong-jun, Jeong Jun-won, and Park Ji-hoon, etc., did their part every time they came out.

In particular, Han Seung-hee, who played as a backup to Oh Se-geun and played a lot of time, made the most impressive performance after his debut, scoring 14 points. Bae Byeong-jun, who started in place of Lens Abando, scored 13 points with a 3-point shot like Altoran. Jung Jun-won and Park Ji-hoon also scored in double digits.

The score was 84-36 at the end of the third quarter. In a situation where the win or loss of the game is virtually invigorating, the focus is on whether or not the game will break the record for the highest score. KGC players showed their fighting spirit in the 4th quarter and put pressure on Carrot.

A new record was achieved. The previous record for the most points difference in the playoffs was 45 points (112-67) recorded by E-Land in the 4th game of the 2020-2021 season 4th round playoff against KCC. KGC achieved the record comfortably by recording a 56-point victory (99-43).

Even including the regular league, it is the record for the largest score difference ever. The record for the most point difference in the regular league was a 54-point victory (100-46) set by E-Land against Samsung in December 2014.

KGC, whose defense was perfect, blocked Carrot with 43 points and broke the record for the least goal conceded in a playoff game. It was a match that had many factors that made us laugh in many ways. 

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