Controversy is brewing with claims that Napoli fans chanted racist slogans towards Romelu Lukaku (30, Inter Milan). 

Italian media such as ‘Tuto Napoli’ and ‘Eurosport’ reported on the 6th (Korean time) that Italian Serie A referee Gerardo Mastrandrea held the match between Napoli and Inter Milan (Inter Milan) held at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy on the 5th, the previous day. ) asked the federal prosecutor to investigate whether there were racist slogans in the Italian Serie A round 16 match. 

The inquiry, submitted by the Mastrandrea referee, alleges that racist slogans continued to be heard from Napoli fans in certain areas of the stands. This calls for a thorough investigation into this matter. 

However, according to the article, the actual slogans of Napoli fans were not for Lukaru, but for Kim Min-jae. Every time Kim Min-jae, who marked Lukaku exclusively, performed well, the Naples fans shouted “KIM! KIM! KIM!” It was a cheering slogan for Kim Min-jae. 

As soon as the story of Napoli fans shouting racist slogans broke out on social media, even a video explaining it was circulating. There is even a hashtag called ‘#KimKimKim’. It is a misunderstanding that Kim Min-jae started playing in Serie A for the first time this season and defended Lukaku. 

Reporter Marco Arch of Italy’s ‘Repubblica’ also said, “The answer to that was a cry for Lukaku and a slogan for Kim Min-jae.” 

Serie A has recently been plagued by racist slogans again. On the same day, during the match between Lecce and Lazio held at the Via del Mare Stadium in Lecce, Italy, the away team shouted racist slogans toward a black player and the game was stopped.  안전놀이터

The Lecce players the Lazio fans were targeting were Cameroonian-French Samuel Umtiti (30) and Zambian striker Ramek Banda (22). As racist slogans continued, the referee stopped the game during the second half. The speakers at the stadium even had to broadcast an announcement saying, “Stop racist slogans.” Umtiti left the ground in tears. 

However, racist slogans were buried as Lecce fans began chanting Umtiti’s name. Then, Umtiti, who had left the field, returned to the field and asked for the game to resume. The match was won by Lecce 2-1, and FIFA and both clubs issued a statement saying that racist behavior was unacceptable

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