Kim Kyung-pyo (31, Kim Kyung-pyo) of ‘Red Horse’ is usually expressionless. It’s hard to read the emotion on his face. He is a natural poker face.

However, after the game, he reveals his well-hidden emotions.

Kim Kyung-pyo shed tears of emotion after defeating amateur boxer Usami Sho Patrick (22, Japan) with a rear naked choke in 3 minutes and 33 seconds of the first round in the Ryjin 41 lightweight match held at Maruzen Intek Arena in Osaka, Japan on the 1st.

Kim Kyung-pyo may actually be a man with a lot of tears. 먹튀검증

After his victory, Kim Kyung-pyo revealed his hidden inner feelings in a backstage interview. The nature of a comeback for the first time after dropping out of Road to UFC last year. Victory was necessary.

“All players go through heartaches, but this is the 16th match, and I think I suffered the most.

He continued, “(After the match) I said it, but I think I do it because of the feeling when I win. Whether I win or lose, I think I do mixed martial arts because of the satisfaction I feel when I release everything I’ve prepared in the ring.”

Kim Kyung-pyo is accumulating a record of 12 wins and 4 losses. Among them, he won 6 wins by KO and 4 wins by submission. Depending on his opponent’s style and the current situation, he adjusts the game accordingly.

Kim Kyung-pyo said, “I was confident in ground and pound. It was important to knock it down, but the process of knocking it down was better than I thought. If you play pounding, there are cases where you can hold the back position. Choke is a skill that can be done whenever the opportunity arises. After hitting him, I walked because my neck was empty. I think it caught on easily.”

Kim Kyung-pyo, who is feeling refreshed, wants to eat Yakiniku and draft beer the most in Japan.

When a Japanese reporter said, “I hope you have a lot,” he laughed, saying, “I’ll only have one drink.”

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