Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp had a war of nerves with the reporter in charge.

According to reports by the British media Daily Mail and The Sun on the 5th (Korean time), Klopp refused to answer questions from certain reporters at a press conference after the match.

The Sun did not anonymize the reporter, but the Daily Mail identified him as “The Athletic’s James Pierce.”

According to the Daily Mail, reporter Pearce asked if his lack of performance in the early stages of the game overall this season was due to his mentality.

Klopp declined to answer, saying “If I’m going to be 100 per cent honest with you, it’s very difficult for me to talk to you. I’d rather not.” 스포츠토토

Interestingly, when another reporter asked the same question, Klopp answered honestly.

On this day, Liverpool, led by Klopp, lost 0-3 in the 2022-2023 Premier League away to Wolverhampton. He scored two goals in 12 minutes in the first half. After losing the initiative in the away game, he was dragged around and even gave up an extra goal at the end of the game.

Klopp said to reporter Pierce, “You know the reason. You just have to look at the articles you wrote. If someone else asks about the same thing, I will answer.”

Judging from Klopp’s words, it can be assumed that Pearce has been pouring out only critical articles about Liverpool throughout the season.

After the press conference, Pierce said on his SNS, ‘It was a quiet and wonderful interview. Klopp admits that he is currently playing poorly, but he also admits that he is concerned. Nevertheless, he still showed confidence that he had the ability to rectify the status quo.”

“Today’s match was the culmination of our problems. You can criticize us, you can judge us, you can say what you want. Maybe you’re right. I have nothing to say. It’s a hard reality to accept,” said Klopp. I was diagnosed with a very difficult situation.

Liverpool were runners-up last season. This year, it is a mid-level pull-up. They are 10th with 29 points from 20 matches. Even the Europa League, let alone the Champions League, is difficult.

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