KMGM (CEO Lee Seok-young), the ‘Korea’s No. 1′ restaurant hall dump franchise that has surpassed the 130th franchise, announced a temporary suspension of domestic payout competitions until the amendment to the hold’em industry is passed.

On the 12th, KMGM said, “Last February, Lee Byung-hun (Gwangju Dongnam-eul), a member of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party of Korea, made some amendments to the Gambling Industry Integration Supervisory Commission (Governor’s Commission) Act, with the main content of strengthening surveillance, guidance, and supervision of hold’em pubs that are highly speculative. “KMGM will suspend payout competitions in Korea for the time being in the sense of agreeing with this,” he said.먹튀검증

The amendment proposed by Congressman Lee stipulates the act of providing casino-like services at hold’em pubs and providing users with gains or losses in property through the provision of cash or prizes as a similar speculative act.

KMGM said, “We have held a payout contest that has no legal problems in tax accounting structure and seed payment method through careful discussions with tax accountants and lawyers over several years.” If we do, we judged that as a leading company in the hold’em industry, it could put a burden on efforts to incorporate Hold’em, a world-class mind sport, into the domestic system,” he explained the reason for the temporary suspension.

Rep. Lee and related organizations (National Assembly, House Supervisory Commission, National Tax Service, National Police Agency, Korea Game Culture Association) are currently extensively identifying the current status of illegal hold’em pubs and the prize payment structure of tournament companies, and organizing a TF team to revise the law. are moving

KMGM emphasized, “As a leading company in the industry, we decided that it was appropriate to suspend payout competitions that pay cash in Korea until the proposed law amendment passes the National Assembly.” We will proceed,” he added.

KMGM is actively spreading ‘K-Hold’em’ in Southeast Asia, such as opening the first KMGM store in Da Nang, Vietnam in January this year, and targeting the global market.

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