Women’s volleyball Korea Expressway Corporation has won 4 consecutive wins and entered the ‘solidifying third place’.

KB Insurance, which placed 6th in the men’s division, joined the competition, reviving the spark of spring volleyball hope.

This is reporter Lee Ji-eun on the sidewalk.

Korea Expressway Corporation, a joint venture between Park Jeong-ah and Catbell.

They defeated IBK and won four consecutive victories.

The Korea Expressway Corporation beat the 4th place Ginseng Corporation by 9 points and entered a solid 3rd place.

[Im Myung-ok / Korea Expressway Corporation Libero: No one expected that our team would go to spring volleyball. Breaking that expectation, we entered the 3rd place consolidation, and I feel very happy about breaking that expectation.]

In the men’s division, KB Insurance, which placed 6th, revived hopes for spring volleyball. 안전놀이터

Viyena and Han Seong-jeong’s great success resulted in a shutout victory over OK Financial Group.

KB Insurance, which added 3 points, predicted fierce competition by reducing the difference in points with 3rd place Woori Card to single digits.

[Han Seong-jeong / KB Insurance Outside Heater: It’s not long, but I’ll definitely win the (remaining) game and see you in the spring volleyball.]

OK Financial Group’s OK Financial Group recorded 25 points, the most for both teams, but fell into a quagmire for 4 consecutive losses. I’m done

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