‘Rookie’ Lee Yoo-seok, who will make his debut on the Korean tour this season, expressed his strong aspirations.

Lee Yoo-seok first caught his golf club when he was 12 years old. From November 2018 to October 2021 he served as the National Standing Army. Lee Yu-seok, who joined the KPGA pro in April of last year, lifted the championship cup in the 7th Srixon Tour within a month. It was a valuable victory achieved after five overtime matches.

He continued his momentum by lifting the championship cup in the 8th tournament of the Srixon Tour. After the end of the 10th Srixon Tour tournament, he ranked first in the tour pro (full member) privilege list given to the top 8 pros. Lee Yu-seok, who showed steady performance, climbed to 3rd place in the Srixon points ranking last year and secured the Korean Tour seed given to the top 10 players.

Lee Yu-seok participated in 4 tournaments on the Korean Tour last year and passed the cut in 3 tournaments. The best result was a tie for 14th at the Honors K · Solago CC Invitational.

Lee Yu-seok showed confidence, saying, “I felt that he was sufficiently competitive on the Korean Tour.” Still, Lee Yoo-seok said, “The Korean Tour is not easy to play green compared to the Srixon Tour. The pin position is also much more difficult.” is,” he said. 먹튀검증

Lee Yu-seok introduced his strengths as “a long hit and a strong and positive mentality.” Lee Yu-seok said, “The average driving distance is about 290 yards.”

He also expressed his anticipation for being able to show his play to galleries visiting the Korean Tour venue. Lee Yoo-seok introduced an anecdote, saying, “Six years ago, I followed Gary Woodland around during the PGA Tour gallery. I followed him around every round and even received a glove. Since then, I’ve become a fan of Gary Woodland.”

At the same time, Lee Yu-seok promised, “I am excited to play in front of the gallery for a season. I will provide friendly service and splendid ceremonies to the fans visiting the venue.”

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