Early lead against LG… In the end, there is no record of ‘mistake’ on the electronic board,
such as reverse defeat, parabolic toss, and loss of a falling ball point, but in reality, a ‘mistake party’ is held, and the winning candidate fell into the ‘blank’ of self-destruction.

Professional baseball KT was also mentioned as a candidate for the championship this season, but after the opening, injuries continued to rise and fell to the bottom of the team leaderboard. Still, it is a problem that will be solved after a certain period of time when there are not enough pitchers to overwhelm the opposing batter or there is no batter to break the opponent pitcher. This is because returning players can show their true strength when they return and rebuild the team power. It is also the reason why KT can endure while looking forward to the mid-to-late season.

However, regardless of the change in team power, there is a ‘basic’ that must be followed when a player is on the ground. If you miss the ‘basic’, you can not promise the future as well as the present.

KT lost 5-9 against LG in Jamsil on the 18th. On this day, KT was not pushed at all in the power confrontation of pitching at the beginning of the game. 1st starter Koh Young-pyo overpowered opponent 5th starter Lee Ji-gang, and the other lineup broke out easily. However, after the middle of the game, it collapsed without a hitch. In reality, it was self-destruction. It was because I missed the ‘basic’.

KT collapsed in defense at the end of the 5th inning, which was leading 3-2. Starter Koh Young-pyo sent out lead hitter Park Hae-min with a left-handed hit, and then Kim Hyun-soo hit a hit that flowed between the first and second basemen. The sequence that leads to 1st and 3rd base safely. However, in the process of KT right fielder Kang Baek-ho catching the ball and passing the ball to second baseman Jang Jun-won, a situation like ‘comedy’ occurred. Kang Baek-ho was not far from second baseman. However, for some reason, he threw the ball lightly as if tossing it with the ‘three-point shot trajectory’ of basketball.

The flight time was, of course, long. Park Hae-min, who is fast-paced, has enough time to go a few more steps. Park Hae-min went around third base and dug into the home, and managed to score a tie. Park Hae-min said after the game, “I saw the ball throwing motion and ran right away.”카지노사이트

Pitcher Ko Young-pyo sighed as he caught follow-up batter Austin Dean with a fly in center field. In the following match against Oh Ji-hwan, he induced a foul ball that flew high in front of the third base bullpen. If second baseman Kang Min-seong puts in his glove, he would be 2 out 1. However, even though Kang Min-seong arrived at the catch point first, he missed the drop point. It became a big ‘disaster’ for KT. Oh Ji-hwan made the second and third bases one out with a double that fell deep to the right of the right fielder. LG continued the flow by adding 3 points with Park Dong-won’s clean sweeping double in the middle of the bases with 1 company loaded, and split the game by driving out 6 points only in the 5th inning.

KT only had no mistakes left on the display board, but actually destroyed itself by having a ‘mistake party’. With a record of 10 wins, 2 draws and 24 losses (0.294), it is at the bottom, 2.5 games behind the ninth-placed Hanhwa. The distance between them and the middle ranks has grown even further.

In Daejeon, Lotte beat Hanwha 7-3 with Han Hyeon-hee, who played an active role with 1 hit and no run in 6 innings, and Kim Min-seok and Noh Jin-hyuk’s home runs. In Gocheok, Kiwoom won 7-3 with starter An Woo-jin’s 6 hits and 2 runs in 6 innings and escaped from a 3-game losing streak, stopping Doosan from winning 6 games in a row.

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